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60 day pain relapse

Lisa Maire

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2 hours ago, Lisa Maire said:

I am exactly 60 faithful days in and haven't changed anything or re-introduced anything because I have been feeling so great! BUT, the last few days I have been experiencing joint paint again...out of the blue! What could cause this? Any ideas are welcome.

What is your joint pain originally from?  Is the weather changing where you are?  Are you more stressed?  Drinking less water, forgetting to salt your food?  It's not really possible for us to give any kind of suggestion without some background and details... 

Please also remember that altho the W30 can help drstically reduce symptoms of condtions or improve quality of life, it's not a cure all... if your joint pain is from something like arthritis, lyme, any type of auto immune disease, you'll still have that condition and can experience flare ups even if the Whole30 has been helping you.

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Thanks for your response, SugarcubeOD.  Yes, I do have other issues (autoimmune disease: celiac) and I think I was in a fantasy land of thinking that my eating cured my joint pain and as long as I stayed faithful, the pain would not return.  I forget that it is a disease and I will always have it and the pain....especially the joint pain.  I'm pleased to know that it may not be my diet and I shouldn't jump to conclusions!

Thanks for keeping me real....and grounded!

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