John Feller

50 Mile ride last day of Whole 30

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1 hour ago, John Feller said:

My last day of Whole 30 I have a 50 mile ride. Workouts have been OK, but am afraid I will bonk. Also afraid to carbo load beforehand since my body hasn't had this.


What day are you on now?  Is this pre-emptive worry or is this happening in the next two or three days?

This doesn't have to be a low carb way of eating.  You're encouraged to eat at least a fist sized serving of starchy carbs a day, more if you're especially active, an athlete etc..

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Yes, carb load in the days leading up to your ride. Nothing crazy, just include a starchy veggie at 2 out of your 3 meals for a few days leading up to it. On your ride, bring an RXbar or sweet potato/beet baby food pouches. You'll do great.

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