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His and Hers, another round


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Well, my husband actually brought up the idea of doing a whole 30. I have done several rounds and he did the first one with me.  I don't think I fed him nearly enough that time but I have learned a lot since then. So I had been thinking about it and if he wants in this is it.  We started today and will see how it goes.

I hope to get more energy, improve aches and pains, improve sleep and skin. Weight loss is always good and I think that is my husbands main motivation but he does know better.

We started today

Meal#1 applegate hot dogs and homemade slaw (trader joes kolerabi mix, homemade mayo, pineapple, almonds)

M#2 chicken apple sausage, slaw, hash (sweet potato, white potato, onion, mushrooms)

M#3 not sure, maybe a stirfry, or meatza

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