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His and Hers, another round


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Well, my husband actually brought up the idea of doing a whole 30. I have done several rounds and he did the first one with me.  I don't think I fed him nearly enough that time but I have learned a lot since then. So I had been thinking about it and if he wants in this is it.  We started today and will see how it goes.

I hope to get more energy, improve aches and pains, improve sleep and skin. Weight loss is always good and I think that is my husbands main motivation but he does know better.

We started today

Meal#1 applegate hot dogs and homemade slaw (trader joes kolerabi mix, homemade mayo, pineapple, almonds)

M#2 chicken apple sausage, slaw, hash (sweet potato, white potato, onion, mushrooms)

M#3 not sure, maybe a stirfry, or meatza

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ok...well we delayed our official start until today.  We stayed mostly clean over the weekend but I just wasn't quite prepared enough.  Today it will stick

Day 1

M1: fried eggs, hashbrowns, bacon

M2: chicken salad made with grapes, almonds and homemade mayo over a large salad of baby greens, spinach, yellow squash and olives. Have tessamaes creamy ranch too if I need it.  Sent husband with same salad but with pulled pork instead of protein salad, also sent him grapes.

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M3 yesterday was a "Thai" stirfry with ground beef, baby bok choy, and broccoli over cauli rice. I made the sauce from almond butter, rice vinegar, fish sauce, coconut aminos and lemongrass

Day 2

M1: chicken apple sausage and sweet potato hash

M2: Husband was lunch from yesterday as his plans changed yesterday

me leftovers of the stirfyr

still deciding on M3

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M3: Kahlua pork with mustard sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, roasted carrots

Day 3

M1: me- deviled eggs, leftover potatoes and carrots

Him-three applegate hotdogs with mustard, relish and kraut wrapped in napa cabbage

M2: him-no lunch

me- roast chicken with mustard sauce, roasted sweet potato with ghee, macadamias, coconut, and dried cranberries

M3: don't know yet...

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m3: him two applegate chicken apple sausages, steamed carrots with ghee and sautéed figs with chopped pecans

Me: tinned fish, olives, potatoes

Day 4

M1: eggs baked in Portobello mushroom caps (not sure why but this was awful. Great concept but we both hated it) he ate about half and a chomp stick.  I age two hard boiled eggs whites(just couldn't stomach the yokes not sure why) two cups of chicken broth.  I am fighting not wanting to eat so I am doing my best to struggle through it. I have been here before and know it will pass. I am eating as much as I can

M2: HIm salad with pulled pork.  Me: tuna with mayo apple and pecan plus avocado and sea snax

I hate when all food turns my stomach and the thought of eating is just horrible even when the food tastes good

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M3: steak and baked potato with ghee (white for me sweet for him)

Day 5

M1: him: hotdogs with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and ghee

me: none (just forgot didn't have time)

M2: him: salad, chicken, balsamic vinaigrette, cranberries and pecans

me: potato salad, and pulled pork (maybe other stuff will add later if so)

I hate the thought of food less today but am still very moody...very 

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I am starting to feel like I will always hate eating when on Whole30...it sucks to not want to eat foods you love but I do know that it will pass...

Day 5 ended with food out.  Him lobster with broccoli and asparagus me: crab with broccoli and plain baked potato

Day 6:

M1: him- chicken apple sausage and sweet potato hash

me- two egg whites and few macadamia nuts

M2: him- pork with potato salad

me- one apple gate hotdog

m3: pork with smashed potatoes and whole30 bbq sauce



M1- him left over hash

me- hashbrowns bacon fried eggs

M2: chile lime chicken burgers with cauliflower

M3: steak and baked potato with ghee him sweet me white

Day 8

M1- spinach and potato frittata

M2: Cuban meatballs with cauli rice and lime garlic sauce


While I didn't eat much I tried to always eat something...

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m3: cold oven salmon with roasted multi color potatoes


M1: him- 2 slices of spinach frittata with salsa

me - home sick- coconut cashews and water

M2: both- Cuban meatballs with lime sauce me-plus avocado

M3: him- 2 chicken apples sausages with bbq sauce and sweet potatoes with macadamias and cranberries

me- an egg white and some nuts ( I know its bad. I keep pushing thru hoping that I find my hunger and lose my nausea)

Day 10:

M1: him- last of frittata with salsa

me - 2 egg whites

M2: same as yesterday

M3: maybe salmon potato patties with leftover salmon


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day 10

M3: my husband made salmon patties and homemade plantain chips for supper. We added coconut for extra fat

Day 11

M1: him-scrambled eggs, hot dog, steamed veggies (he didn't eat much of it)

me - left over salmon patty with mayo

M2: last of Cuban meat balls and sauce

M3: husband will be cooking chicken with homemade bbq sauce and probably sautéed squash

eating is a bit less of a struggle.  I have been drinking my water well though

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M3: failed attempt at meat/potato patties so not much eaten


M1: used failed leftovers and tried again...result really good meat patties

M2: bunless burger and plain baked potato

M3: grilled steak and steamed broccoli and carrots

Day 14

M1: Him leftover meat patties me- forgot

M2: me-grilled chicken with veggies guac, salsa and homemade fries

HIm - liver and onions with green beans and homemade fries

M3: him plantain lasagna, me - forgot was busy cooking and didn't remember to eat

Day 15

M1 him frittata me-bone broth

still struggling with remembering to eat, not appetite just don't remember

M2: him plantain lasagna

me- chicken coconut soup and olives

M3: steak and baked potato me white him sweet


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