Help! I just screwed up

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I am so upset- I am on day 8 of my Whole30- I have been doing really well, but it has been HARD! Tonight, I am making dinner for me and my family (chicken and vegetable stir fry)- I made a pot of sushi rice for the rest of the family and I didn't even think- I took the end of a fork and scooped like 5 grains of rice and ate it to see if it was done- I could cry-I tried to spit it out (I even briefly for an insane moment thought about vomiting). I think I know the answer- does this mean I have to start over?!?- does 5 grains of rice nullify 8 days of planning, cooking and being grumpy, tired, and suffering headaches? I am so upset, just looking for advice, encouragement, and support.

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For what it's worth, I did almost the exact same thing last night.  I ate a small noodle when cooking pasta for my kids.  My husband and I were eating the same meal but used zucchini noodles for ours.  I didn't even think about it until I was sitting at the table and it just hit me!  I ate a noodle to make sure it was done!  Darnit!!

I've read the "should I start over" and made the decision for myself not to.  I WILL be more cautious when cooking (my husband does most of the cooking, so it's not a habit for me yet) and I don't think my journey with whole30 will end at 30 days anyway.  So I will continue to take what I've learned and may go past 30 days as it is.  But I don't feel like I "Failed" or made a bad choice and for my own sanity, decided I don't need to hit the start over button.  

Now, if I was sneaking a bite of my kid's food because I really wanted it (which I seriously was tempted to do while making them mac & cheese for lunch), then I would treat that differently.  I wasn't giving into anything and slipping up and falling into a noodle.  It was just habit and not intentional.  

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