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30 Days Whole30 Happiness :)

Amy V

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Thank you Whole30! My healthier life journey began in 2009 at 230 lbs. I started weight watchers and walking, By January 2011, I was down 85 pounds and had found a love for running and exercise. 2017 found me tired of tracking, weighing and measuring and with a nagging hip issue that made running just awful.  My mind said that I could just eat what I wanted, since I wasn't writing it down! I'd gained almost 20lbs since the initial weight loss and was at the top of my weight range by this August. This summer I learned open water swimming, started biking on the road and finished 2 sprint triathlons, all while managing to GAIN weight and feel out of control with eating. After seeing my picture in the first triathlon, I realized I was looking overweight, not fit, I began searching for something and found the Whole30. Went grocery shopping and I was all in. 

My second triathlon was 10 days into the whole30, boy did I feel it, I was real dizzy and lethargic by the run, but each day I felt better and better so I didn't let that stop me. Each day I felt more and more in control. I couldnt believe how good the food in the first week of the meal plan was. I love the butternut squash soup. With a spoon of coconut milk in the middle. LOVE IT. Day 20,21 I felt the sugar dragon but fought it down, had a little snack those days of some apple slices with almond butter.

On day 31 I am down about 8 pounds, I feel in control, cravings are minimal- if I have one I stop and think about why. One night I woke up at 1:45 am, I don't know why. But I was wide awake like it was morning, by that afternoon I was exhausted and wanted to eat everything, I did eat a little extra at dinner but nothing off plan and no extra meal or snack. Sometimes, I can actually forget to eat- NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE TO ME- EVER. I have a feeling of well being, and health I don't think I've had before. 

Day 31- I don't really want to reintroduce any of the foods right now. I feel like they can come or go. I am not craving for any thing. I love ice cream and pizza, like love them, love them. The idea of endangering this feeling of health and wellness by eating them isn't worth the risk to me right now. 

I just ran 3 miles and biked 13 miles, I ate a couple raw almonds before my run, and after about 6 miles on the bike I stopped and ate a couple raw cashews and some organic baby food pouch of pears and butternut squash. I had a little coconut water from the coconut milk container mixed with in my water and a sprinkle of salt. And when I was done my iced coffee with coconut milk( mixed with the handheld immersion blender) sprinkled with cinnamon was waiting! I  feel great! No more dizziness or lethargy. 

I can't say enough good things about this program. The time spent prepping and preparing is completely worth it. 

Thank you thank you thank you!

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