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Day 21


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Just 9 more days...

At this point, I am still not seeing any changes. But I didn't expect to. As I've mentioned, I've been paleo/keto for a long time. Wife doesn't eat bread and hasn't for a long time, but she does like yogurt and cheese. That's the big thing she isn't having. Cheese. And she's getting more protein, which I feel she needed. 

My wife is the one that needs it and wanted to do it. For her, it's about getting rid of her abdomen. She's slender everywhere else.

So far it doesn't appear that any weight has been lost from her tummy. She looks trimmer, but that was already present from her 10 week stint doing keto.  And she's TIRED. just wrung out. Normally, she's got tons of energy. She's following the program to a T, but she's just plain worn out and doesn't have any energy. This is very unusual for her. Normally, she's the energizer bunny. 

We're ready to be done. I'm hoping that once we're done, she'll get her energy back. While this is clearly a good program for many, or most, it doesnt seem to be doing anything for her. She's not seen any benefit at all. 

Come on day 30...

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