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Inflammation: GONE


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My husband and I did a strict Whole30 in September. We are both near our target weight and both lost 6 lbs without any effort. We're both pretty sedentary other than chasing a toddler and him coaching our older daughter's soccer team (I know, I know, one thing at a time).

We eased into the Whole30 and eased out of it, sticking mostly to the diet before and after. We didn't notice any huge health changes. I do think my 8 year old son had less asthma, and my 12 year old daughter had less acid reflux. My husband has noticed that he feels allergic after having a beer (sadly), and I noticed the same result from dairy. We were a little bummed not to notice HUGE changes in the way we felt, but we really didn't feel that bad before.

A few weeks after the Whole30, while I was still mostly following the diet, I was in a fender bender. I was rear-ended while driving through my neighborhood. My neck was stiff and I had a headache for a few days, and I saw my chiropractor, but the whiplash wasn't as bad as I thought it would be from a pretty hard hit.

And then...

After our Whole30, and about a week after the car accident, we went to New York and Philadelphia. We decided to abandon the diet while we were on vacation. When in Philly, have a cheesesteak. And , lattes, M&M store, the works. I was surprised that I didn't have any stomach problems or really feel all that different.

Except my whiplash was killing me. My neck became so stiff that I couldn't sleep. It ached and throbbed all day. The hotel beds felt incredibly uncomfortable. I felt like the Princess and the Pea.

Then I realized my gums felt puffy and swollen as well, and I realized: I was experiencing systemic inflammation as a result of the changes in my diet.

Once I got back on the diet and saw the chiropractor a few more times, I was as good as new. If I hadn't done the Whole30, I would never have known what it felt like to NOT have inflammation.

Thank you for your work.


Darien Wilson

p.s. I sent It Starts With Food to my parents, and my 65 year old dad consumed the book voraciously and then lost 25 pounds in a month. It's the first diet he's ever been able to stay on. Thanks again!

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