are cravings bad?


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if i’m craving something, to any varying degree, would it be wise to “give in”? i know i’m allowed to eat whatever i want because i’m an adult but when those cravings come and i just want to make some homemade cookies with my husband on a tuesday night, is this a recipe for disaster? or is this just an opportunity to practice food freedom and ask myself if making those cookies will be worth it and if it will do more harm than good (physically and mentally)? (grated, making homemade cookies is tough because you have a whole bath right in front of you). i guess after reading everything melissa has to say about it, “cravings” = sugar dragon, which means i should ignore it/starve it. so no homemade cookies when I’m craving it? i guess i feel like i'm doing something wrong if i'm "craving" something in particular and going out of my way to get my hands on it. hopefully that makes sense! thanks in advance! 

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I am assuming you're not currently doing a whole30, right? Obviously, during a whole30, no cookies.

After your whole30, it is an opportunity to practice food freedom. Will those cookird be worth It? Not just, will they taste good, but if the cause bloating or moodiness or more sugar cravings, is that worth putting up with? Also consider why you want to make them. Is it just sugar cravings? Do you and your husband hang out in the kitchen together baking them, and that's what you're really wanting, as much or even more than the cookies? Or are you stressed about something and use baking or eating cookies as a coping mechanism?

Ultimately, it is up to you. During a whole30 if you said you were craving sweets, we'd ask if you were sure you were eating enough and drinking plenty of water, remind you that having something sweet can lead to more cravings for sweets, and ask that maybe you try having some avocado or olives or other fat source instead. But now you get to make your own decisions. Cravings are not right or wrong, and it's not necessarily wrong to give in to them sometimes, but definitely do so mindfully. For something like cookies, I would definitely plan for what you're going to do with the rest of the batch so you don't just spend the next few days eating all the cookies.

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