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Whole 30 - Day 4


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Well, here we go!

I've decided to log all my food, exercise and supplements here. I've started over a few times; I ate waay too many raisins one day and had 3 apples with some nut butter another time.

I am a breastfeeding mom of two kids; 7 weeks and 2 years. Our family has eaten Paleo all through my 2nd pregnancy and we all feel much better. (Except my partner eats minimal dairy, always organic, grass-fed.)

The last two months or so have been tricky with managing the "Sugar Dragon", I'm extremely sleep deprived; and wanting to reach for easy carbs for energy. I started "slipping" into paleo-fied muffins, pancakes etc or reaching for an apple or some dried fruit in the afternoon out of boredom, stress and exhaustion.

My goals are:

Exercise: I will go for a walk outside 3 times per week

Sleep: I will go to bed within an hour of both kids falling asleep

Stress: I will say grace before every meal, try and take a shower by myself once per week and drink tea in the afternoon

My triggers for poor eating are stress, boredom and tiredness

I'm going to be accountable in cleaning up my act! If I feel stressed I will:

  • Drink some water
  • Drink some kombucha
  • call my Mom
  • plan dinner
  • make a cup of rooibos tea
  • clean the bathroom or
  • go for a walk

I've ordered the "It Starts with Food" and I've been writing down meals since I started.

Day 1:

4 eggs, zucchini broccoli onions tomato scramble

cucumber salad with homemade mayo

Tuna and cucumber salad

Day 2:

Frittata with ground pork, apples, arugula and onions

cucumber tuna salad with sundried tomatoes

spaghetti squash with meat sauce (incl peppers and mushrooms)

Exercise: walk 1 hour

Day 3:

3 Eggs scrambled with chives and grape tomatoes


ground pork and spaghetti squash

grape tomatoes

roast chicken and beets and carrots

Exercise: walk 1 hour

Day 4

Eggs, homemade mayo green onions

pork sausages, spaghetti squash, raw green pepper

3 deviled eggs

Leftover chicken and veggies

Exercise: walk 1 hour

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