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August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

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Hi All - Let's continue to share our successes, stresses, and Post Whole 30 journey here.

For me, I am not missing anything or craving anything so I plan to continue my Whole 30 and as I think I've mentioned before, ideally, I would like to extend it to Whole 90.   A Whole 90 will bring me to right before Thanksgiving and I feel that will give me a really good foundation going into the holidays to help avoid my ingrained bad habits from sneaking back up.  It should also help me experience more new foods, cooking methods, etc that I can incorporate into the holiday menu's since we host Thanksgiving and Xmas Eve =) . I will start with the commitment to extend my Whole 30 to a Whole 60 (small, realistic, attainable goals - wasn't there something in one of the books about that??).  

For this next “round” (which I rolled right into, no breaks) I created a spreadsheet to more closely track food, moods, etc.  I think this may help me see if potatoes really bother me, what could it be that triggers me to feel the need for snacks between meals some days, etc.  As long as I am still not feeling deprived when my Whole 60 is done, I will extend to Whole 90 and go from there.  I will eventually slow roll re-introductions but only when there is something that is really WORTH it .  

My First Round NSV’s:

  • Sleep pattern back to normal – fall asleep easily and wake up before my alarm
  • My stomach feels less bloated
  • Jean shorts and work pants are fitting much more comfortably
  • I didn’t have cramps or backaches when I got my period (we’ll see if this continues – one time is interesting, but let’s see if the trend continues)
  • I found that it didn’t bother me not eat dairy, sugar, carbs, gluten, legumes, or drink wine.  
  • I never felt deprived nor did I feel the “urge” to eat anything that wasn’t compliant. 
  • I was surprised (like REALLY surprised) that I didn’t MISS any non-compliant food groups, especially dairy and wine
  • My taste buds changed…….I actually like some salt (some, not much, but some), tomatoes are awesome, and sautéed kale topped with an over easy egg is the BOMB breakfast
  • Most days, 3 meals a day is fine, occasionally I need a boost – I know I need to track to see if there are reasons for that
  • I feel more in control of my emotions – I can feel myself getting irritated and can control it and/or bite my tongue when before I wouldn’t/couldn’t
  • I find myself paying attention to everything I eat, not obsessing, but being aware, consciously CHOOSING what I eat – and I’m enjoying that
  • I feel in control of food – no mindless eating, no eating something because it’s offered, because its there (not even my favorite Safeway Cranberry Oatmeal cookies my hubby bought) or everyone else is eating it
  • I’m still amazed at how much hidden sugar is out there
  • I think I may be sensitive to regular potatoes – white, red, fingerling.  I had a couple of upset tummies during my W30 and I think they all were after I ate potatoes (not sweet potatoes).  I need to experiment with that more and see.
  • I think I need to add more salt to my foods (my muscles have been achy and more sore than normal during the day – especially after workouts)

As for the scale – it went down almost 5 lbs (129.8 – 125).  How do I feel?  Content with that number – it’s about average for what I normally experience when I focus on nutrition, especially when combined with my workouts.  Would I have liked that number to be different – absolutely.  Am I disappointed – not really.  Can I say the weight loss was all due to my Whole 30?  Absolutely not.  I’ve seen those numbers following Weight Watchers, working out and following Beachbody eating programs, etc.  Same goes for my stomach feeling less bloated and my cloths fitting better.  As for sleep pattern, I’m back to my “internal clock” – starting my Whole 30 coincided with my schedule getting back to normal (kids back in school) so although maybe it might have had something to do with my sleep patterns, I cannot say my sleep patterns were due to my Whole 30.  I am happy with what I have learned (and continue to learn) and am happy with the changes I am making, how I am feeling, and the overall results from my Whole 30.

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@Rottiegirl2017 lol I had to make sure I had some free time before I started reading your post. 

I'm glad you are still going. I considered it, but I am really interested to see what was affecting me in my diet. 

My NSVs:

clearer skin, significantly less napping (used to nap 1-2 hours 6 out of 7 days-a-week, only napped 2xs in 30 days!), less mood swings, less soreness after workouts/faster recovery, more energy for workouts, down another pants size (started out in a size 10 in January, wearing a size 4 now!), better ability to focus and stay motivated on a project, stronger faster growing nails. 

I'm also feeling the freedom of no cravings. I love planning my meals and cooking has become such a joy. I don't feel deprived. I reintroduced alcohol and I don't miss it. 

 So, I'm looking forward to more benefits as I continue to eat this way after reintroduction. 

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Holy Day 60!!! Yes, today is Day 60 of my extended Whole30. I started this adventure hoping to make it through 30 days, but ideally making it 90 (90 days brings me close to Thanksgiving). I figured I would take it one 30 day session at a time and I here I am on Day 60. I do not foresee any issues getting to 90 (and it will be helpful to have "rules" through Halloween - LOL. Willpower, but the rules help the willpower).

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My Whole30 that extended to a Whole60 finished up yesterday and I am officially moving into my Whole90 today. 
The second "round" of Whole30 I coordinated with T25 Beta and 21DFx workouts (I was doing T25 Alpha phase in my first Whole30 round).  Results from these past 30 days - down 4.5lbs. 
So, from the beginning of my Whole30 journey, that's just under 10lbs for 60 days (pretty much 4 1/2 lbs/per month). 
My measuring tape has disappeared (I'm sure my kids took it and it's SOMEWHERE in this house) so I can't technically comment on inches for this round. When I took measurements last week (10/7 - official finish of 21DFx), I was down another 1/2" in my waist and -1/2" in my hips. Total inches from 9/13 - 10/7: -1" upper chest, -1" lower chest, -2.5" waist, -1.5" hips. I didn't measure my arms or legs.
Nourishing my body better has absolutely had a direct impact on all of my numbers. This is something I know, but seems like always need to be reminded.......I cannot out exercise a crappy diet.

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