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Trying the Anti-Inflammatory Reset

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My husband and I have successfully completed four rounds of Whole30. We absolutely love this program and it as completely changed our lives! My husband experiences extreme pain in both of his knees. When we are doing a Whole30, the pain is reduced - but never goes away completely. When reading Food Freedom Forever, the Anti-Inflammatory Reset really stood out. I've been doing some research into this and it seems like it would be a great benefit for him to try. Do you have a complete list of nightshades that I can have? Also, are bell peppers nightshades? Research seems sketchy on that particular question. Are they're any other suggestions you have for reducing the pain in his knees? (Something else we should try or stay away from?)



P.S. My mother, father and bother have also completed three rounds of Whole30. I've attached a before and after picture. Our Whole30 experience began July 4, 2016.


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Wow, that's a big difference!

There's a good explanation of nightshades here: https://www.thepaleomom.com/what-are-nightshades/ -- my understanding is that any pepper (other than black pepper) is considered a nightshade. This is the downloadable egg & nightshade free Whole30 shopping list:  https://whole30.com/downloads/book-shopping-list-egg-nightshade.pdf 

There's more about the AIP protocol here if you want a place to start reading more about it (note that this is not a Whole30 site, and some things are allowed on this that are not allowed on Whole30):  https://www.thepaleomom.com/start-here/the-autoimmune-protocol/ 


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