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Bachelorette Party and Whole30


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Heading into a bachelorette weekend on my Whole30! I'm on day 12 and I have been planning this since I knew I wanted to do this and couldn't wait until all the parties, weddings, events, etc were over to do so. I have a movie night and then a whole day tomorrow as well. My plan is to make my own food, mocktails, as well as make some party snacks I can eat and not feel as left out. Here is my plan below!

Movie Night:

Eat dinner before

Bring a smoked salmon dip with cucumber, carrots and seasnax to dip

Ginger peach kombucha mocktails


Bachlorette Party Day

Waffle Bar Brunch: I will bring a turkey egg spinach casserole bake instead to share

Afternoon tea: called ahead and asked if i could order tea off the menu and skip the food fee and they were super nice about it and to let them know so they could help me pick teas with no added sugar

Dinner: coconut curry meatballs and cauliflower rice

Bring a buffalo chicken dip and leftover carrots, etc

kombucha "margaritas" 

and then on to burlesque with club soda only!


I honestly don't snack as much before but thought it would be fun to try to make party food and show people how much fun food can still be

Will update with how it goes!




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