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Purse Dressing!


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I had a friend come to town last minute today and called to meet up around 2 for a late lunch.  She called about 10am so I had some time to strategize and eat a small pre lunch just in case I had to cut everything out of my salad once we got there.  She wanted to hit up TGI Friday's so I got on the computer and started reading.  Million Dollar Cobb!  It sounded pretty good after leaving off the cheese and bacon.  They had a chicken, steak or fish option but I was fully prepared to ask them to leave off the meat and add extra eggs and avocado for me if the waitress didn't seem sure of her answers about the meat.  Luckily we had the best waitress ever!  I asked and the steak (which was my #1 choice) isn't marinated and they'd be happy to ONLY use salt and pepper on it.  LOVE IT!  So my salad (while still a TGIF salad) was downright edible and close to good, I'm pretty sure I stayed 100% AND I'd remembered my handy dandy purse dressing so I didn't end up eating it plain.  

I typically have a little cooler with some snacks in it and so today I added a bottle of compliant dressing and just transferred it to my purse before we went in.  The waitress laughed at me but said she totally gets it because both of her daughters have a lot of restrictions.  Overall even though I could have made a better salad at my house it was lovely to not get left out of the girls lunch.  Go Me!

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