Post-Workout Meal After Evening Crossfit

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Hi. I'm having issues feeling nauseous after I eat dinner at night.  It seems to be on nights where I've gone to Crossfit/worked out after work and I'm wondering if my body doesn't like the post-workout meal and full dinner all within one-two hours and then pretty much bed an hour later.

I did a whole30 in January and my day looked like this and I was totally fine:

8am: breakfast

12pm: pre-workout meal (Applegate hot dog/epic jerky pre-wod)

1230/1pm: post-workout meal (chicken and sweet potato)

3/330pm: lunch

8pm: dinner


HOWEVER, I finished graduate school in May and started a new job. I had to switch Crossfit boxes and my new one doesn't have a midday class so I have to go after work.  My new day looks like:

8am: breakfast

1230/1pm: lunch

5pm: pre-workout meal (Applegate hot dog/epic jerky pre-wod)

7pm: post-workout meal (chicken and sweet potato)

8pm: dinner


I started out eating the same quantity for post-workout meal - 1 med sweet potato and 8oz chicken breast, then I tried cutting the chicken in half.  Still getting nauseous after dinner.


Thoughts?  Can I wait until 8pm to eat or do I really need something immediately after the WOD? I've heard of people eating just 1/2 larabar after the WOD to hold them over until they got their next meal, but they weren't on whole30 and I know we're just supposed to try to eat Whole Foods.  I saw someone suggest maybe just protein after the wod, so maybe try 4oz chicken only?

Notes: I'm 27, very active, and doing the Whole30 for digestive issues not weight loss. Also I don't tolerate eggs well, so occasionally will eat an Rxbar but no eggs otherwise.


Thanks for any help!




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Could you switch your dinner to 4:30-5 and omit pre-WO? I suppose it depends on how much time is between then and your workout and how long you personally like to wait after eating to work out. I have a similar schedule and that's what I do on some days where I have evening workout classes at 6 or 7.

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