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Nursing Mama - Starting Today!


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A little about me: I am a Whole30 veteran. I did my first Whole30 in August 2012 and have done about 1-2 per year since with varying levels of less healthy habits sneaking back in between. I always know I can return to the Whole30 when I need to, and right now I need to. I've been eating sugar daily and redeveloped a wine-with-dinner habit. Both have become more compulsive than intentional. Also, as mom of a 1-year-old I am not sleeping optimally, I am always tired, and lately my 2pm slumps have been atrocious. I know I need to be eating cleaner in order to feel better all the time. I am nursing said 1-year-old about 8x per day still, so I will need to make sure I am eating enough food to sustain us both, although I did learn some lessons here with my last Whole30 when my son was 4 months old. Specifically, I know I have to eat 4 meals per day instead of 3. Also, this time, I am not eating eggs because a few months ago I started suffering stomach pain during the day and realized that my 3-egg breakfast was the culprit. Specifically, I believe I don't tolerate egg whites well. I first realized this a few years ago when I tried Rx bars and couldn't eat them due to similar stomach pain. I always did fine with whole eggs though until recently. I am hoping it is simply a postpartum food sensitivity that will go away with time, and fortunately, I still can tolerate small amounts of eggs as an ingredient. But in the meantime, time to get creative with breakfast....

Day 0 (I am calling today Day 0 instead of Day 1. You will soon see why.)

Today is my kitchen-cleaning, food shopping, food prepping day. I started the day with inadequate food in the house. For breakfast I had several large green lettuce leaves with ham slices (with trace sugar - not compliant, hence Day 0!), a banana and a few raspberries. Black coffee and water to drink. Note: yes I did think about delaying my start until tomorrow because I knew I had absolutely no compliant sources of protein in the house. But, I didn't want to wait. So, Day 0 is my compromise. I'll be going shopping before my next meal...

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Ok. Cleared out the cabinets and got my shopping done. I was still cleaning post-breakfast so when I got hungry I snacked on pecans and an apple. By the time I got home from the store I was starving so I cooked up some chicken apple sausage (from Trader Joe's) and snacked on dried mango while I was putting my groceries away. During the afternoon I managed to bake a butternut squash and make a batch of clarified butter. Not gonna lie - when that squash came out of the oven I ate a huge piece of it. It was so good. Dinner was tri-tip, more squash, and roasted carrots. Now it's after dinner, the baby is sleeping, and I WANT CHOCOLATE. If it weren't Day 0, I'd be eating handfuls of chocolate chips. This is precisely why I need the Whole30...

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Day 1, officially! 

Started the day with chicken apple sausages and bananas coated in egg and almond flour (yes, trying to see if I can eat eggs again!) lightly fried in clarified butter. So tasty! 

I got hungry before lunch so I snacked on some cashews and cranberries.

For lunch I ate a large salad with kale, carrots, cranberries, tritip, avocado oil and balsamic vinegar. Finished off with a large slab of butternut squash.

Three hours later I was starving again (did I mention I'm nursing??) so I ate my emergency Epic bar. Time to order more to keep in my desk at work...

When I got home, more cashews, dried mango and an apple as that was all I could grab easily while managing the child. After my husband got home I was able to eat dinner: tritip, the rest of the butternut squash and a few raspberries as I was feeding them to my kid. I may have also finished off the rest of the chicken apple sausage from this morning...

So far I'm not feeling to terrible although I didn't get a ton of sleep last night (thanks, child) and by early afternoon today I could feel a touch of carb-flu. Fortunately, my relatively high carb approach does seem mitigate that somewhat. However, I think I'll go to bed as early as I can - just as soon as my butternut squash finishes cooking and I can put it in the fridge.

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Catching up on my logs!


M1: fried bananas with egg yolks, leftover sausages, butternut squash

M2: kale salad (same as yesterday) with more sausages, more squash 

At some point I ate an apple and cashews 

M3: somehow I managed to make a meatloaf from scratch while home alone with my 1-year old. Beef, turkey, almond flour, celery, onions, fresh herbs, garlic, salt and pepper, raisins, an egg, and topped with bacon! Are yet more squash with it.


M1: I ate a whole egg and nothing bad happened!!!! I also had a slab of meatloaf, butternut squash and fried bananas.

M2: Kale salad and more meatloaf 

snack: apple, raisins and cashews

M3: finished off the meatloaf with baked cauliflower and some raspberries. Snacked on some dried mango too.

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Last night before bed I did some food prep to make today easier. This morning, I made myself sweet potato hash with red onions, cooked in olive oil and clarified butter, and threw in some chicken apple sausage and topped with 2 fried eggs. Yeah, eggs!!!! Black coffee as always.

For lunch I ate my normal kale salad, plus more SP hash and sausage.

In the afternoon I snacked on cashews, and apple, and some dried mango.

For dinner I made the chicken I had prepped last night - marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, thyme, salt/pepper and red pepper flakes (from the W30 cookbook!) It was super tasty. Ate with leftover cauliflower, a few raspberries, and an apple.

Sipping on pomegranate tea before bed...

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M1: fried bananas (with egg, almond flour and clarified butter), sweet potato hash, 2 eggs and bacon

Snack to tide me over until lunch: Epic bar and an apple

M2: kale salad, more SP hash and sausage 

M3: carnitas with salsa and cilantro, yet more SP hash, and an apple

Snacked on a handful of cashews before bed.


M1 was later than usual and I had a twofer egg (two egg yolks in one egg!!) scrambled with kale and clarified butter, bacon, and fried bananas

Between my late breakfast and my baby's messed up nap schedule I did not get in a proper template lunch. I snacked on what was around: a couple of Epic bars, an apple, some fresh mango and some cashews

For dinner my husband picked us up some sushi so I had plan salmon sashimi with coconut aminos. It was delicious! I also ate a large slab of butternut squash and a few raspberries as I was feeding them to my child.

I've been feeling pretty good these past few days. Still tired at times, but I am chronically sleep deprived so I can't expect any miracles there. Mentally, this Whole 30 has been pretty easy so far. I eye my husband's beer with jealousy from time to time but not drinking doesn't bother me nearly as much as it would have in the past.

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Yesterday morning I managed to cook breakfast before I went to yoga. I had kale with 3.5 eggs (the other 0.5 I tried unsuccessfully to feed to my child..), butternut squash and a little bit of fresh mango.

I failed to get my shopping done before lunch, so I snacked all day unfortunately. I had the rest of an apple that I was feeding to my son, an EPIC bar, and some cashews.

For dinner my husband made us a rack of lamb with brussel sprouts cooked with onion and bacon. So tasty. I ate a slab of butternut squash with it.

I'm noticing that my sugar cravings are basically gone. This is why I love Whole30.

This morning I made three scrambled eggs with kale cooked in clarified butter, fried bananas and butternut squash. Black coffee as usual.

For lunch I had my usual weekday salad with kale and other veggies, some chicken-garlic sausage and an apple.

Afternoon snack was an EPIC bar and another apple.

Dinner was chicken-apple sausage with leftover brussel sprouts and butternut squash.

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Yesterday and today's breakfasts were identical: 3 eggs and kale cooked in clarified butter (yesterday) or olive oil (today) and fried bananas.

Yesterday and today's lunches were identical as well: my usual kale + veggie salad and sausages

Yesterday for a snack I had an apple and an EPIC bar. Twice.

Today for a snack I had an apple, celery sticks and almond butter in the morning, then an apple and an EPIC bar after work/before dinner.

Last night's dinner was scallops and carrots.

Tonight's dinner was meat loaf. I made a slightly modified version of this: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/4410757185/super-porktastic-bacon-topped-spinach-and-mushroom and finished off the butternut squash I baked a few days ago.

Still feeling good for the most part. Afternoon slump is gone. Clothes are feeling better. Ring is getting looser. Mood is getting better.

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