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September 28 Start Date


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I completed my first Whole30 in June which really changed my life. Im taking my cues from Food, Freedom, Forever and doing another Whole30 as my eating habits are starting to creep back to my old bad habits.

I chose such an odd start date as Im running my first 5k on October 28th and I want to be able to celebrate without restrictions afterward.

Anyone want to join me?

Any runner who have some sage advice on handling training for a race and doing a Whole30?

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Hi, I started on the 25th and I'm training for a half marathon which falls on my Day 28- 22.10. Yay!

Incredibly excited. My idea is to train low and compete high, with a carbo loading on bananas and potatoes instead of the usual oats and rice.

I did a "faux" Whole 30 in June (had soy products in it). Now I'm doing the real deal and curious what it does to my performance. My last half marathon was on Sept 16, time 1:50:40. Gosh, I love experiments.

So, yeah, I'm joining you. Good luck!

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