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Casey's really doing it again


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Day 1.

M1 beef stir fry, .... onions, zuke, pepper, beans. Topped with coconut butter. Yum.

M2 Tuna salad with home made mayo. Apple slices, carrot sticks.

M3 bbq steak, green beans, salad with home made vinaigrette, half of a baked potato. 

Feel satisfied. 


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Two days ago my mom offered to help me make a video blog for my business website.  After shooting the first section she said I should get a model to take my place. Then she suggested just shooting my feet and only doing voice - overs and general photos with text instead of putting up videos and pictures of myself.  I am overweight but I am not ugly. 

My mom is not known for considering other people's feelings before speaking, and I acted as if taking it in stride, but this was humiliating.  Who is supposed to stand in your corner and believe in your dreams if not your mom?

That is probably not a good reason to suddenly start another whole 30, but it was indeed the momentum, and maybe just as well. I've let myself go since the last one.  And it underscores the emotional connection to food that I want to address more purposefully this time.

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Oh Casey!!! **hugs** I'm on Day 30 of my second successful whole30. I tried several times over the last year to do it but never got more than a week in. This time was different for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons was my mom making all sorts of comments about my weight. :(((( I know how it feels! But now, let's focus on the positive! You know how good this will make you feel. Congratulations on starting again!

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Thank you for the support and the hugs and encouragement!  Im amazed that someone who relates so perfectly found my entry so fast.  The irony is that in a few weeks, when she starts to see positive changes she will go back to a different kind of criticism. It has happened more times than I can count.  But I remind myself I'm  not doing it for her, so I will be okay. 

Congrats on your completion!!

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Day 2

Worst sinus pain I've ever had. Puffy everything in my face, but almost everyone I've talked to has had it bad since the rain started.

M1 lemon water. vegetable curry with scrambled eggs and coconut milk. Black tea.

Greens supplements, gabba, tyrosine*

Shoot a friend gave me health bar

and A. I totally forgot I should not be eating bars anyway, and B. It had soy crisps in it. 

M2 Turkey salad. Not sure the dressing was compliant.

Iced black tea ... not worth it, will probably stop afternoon caffeine.

Juice +, C, D, Immune support, Querc*

M3 half a hamburger patty, salad, good vinaigrette, cooked cabbage.

Gabba, 5htp, quercitin, C*


*this is just for my own tracking of supplements and other things. Hope readers can just skip over the graphics.... :blink::wacko: sorry

This day was obviously not perfect whole 30 but so much better than normal I can't discount it. I Will probably end up doing this week over anyway. 



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Oct 2

Sw. Pto sliders w guac, mayo. Salad, grapes, mango.

Salad, tuna w mayo. Cuke slices.

Salad, chicken, salad dressing, broccoli w clar butter.

Something made my sinuses totally plug up 30 min after dinner.


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Starting back in on this thread …. did complete a whole 30 last spring, since I dropped off this thread.

Not really wanting to start a complete whole30 just before Christmas, but my sugar dragon is getting out of control.  I need to at least be able to post 3 Whole30 style meals a day and remove snacks.  Ready to jump in tomorrow morning with cabbage and sw potato curry. I really hate packing lunches. I'll have to think on that one for tomorrow without going to the store first.....  I want to find food freedom in 2019.... knowing what does and doesn't make me feel good and getting emotional eating under control. 

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Had a good breakfast with cabbage, sw potatoes, sliced pork, egg, coconut oil.

Used the same veggies with chicken for a soup in a thermos mug and tangerines for lunch. And cut up extras for tomorrow while I was at it.  

I feel satisfied for the first time in a long time and managing to say no to handfuls of peppermint puffs!!

Took vitamins, my prescribed amino acids and essential oils for mood support as I come off sugar.  

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Dinner turned out to be cubed steak, broccoli with coconut oil and green salad.  And 4 oz kombucha. :)

 An (ALMOST) sugar free day - had a granola bar as an afternoon snack and discovered too late that the balsamic vinaigrette  dressing had sugar and soybean oil in it so it wasn't a truly whole30 day, but was a vast improvement.  

My evening snack monster is curbed and I'm happy going into tomorrow.  

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Have forgotten my lunch two days in a row now so that's ended up bad.  Two meals a day have been compliant. Bad sugar issues but it's gone now.  I'm having stomach problems, which I've never had before. 

Have made it to the gym two days in a row.  

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