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Seemingly random digestive issues


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Hello! I am on day 19 and am still having digestive issues. Not daily, but I wasn't daily before either. I just cannot figure out what's triggering them. I have been tracking my food and can find no real rhyme or reason. I am curious now about FODMAPs, but even that doesn't seem consistent.

How do I figure out what's going on? And how do I start reintroducing foods, eventually, when I don't even know with this limited diet what the issues are?

Any guidance is much appreciated.

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Thanks so much for the response! Here are four days (not the first four since I didn't keep track right at the beginning, but including two days where my stomach hurt, maybe from what I ate the day before.


Day 1

Bacon, hard boiled eggs, cut veggies with homemade pesto

Handful walnuts and raisins, beef stick

Ground taco meat with cabbage, avocado, green salsa; cantaloupe

Cashew milk with 1/2 banana, spinach, and collage/turmeric mix

Stomach ache first half of the day after this day.

Day 2 

Bacon, hard boiled eggs, cut veggies with 1/2 avocado

Handful walnuts and raisins

Pork tenderloin with apples and onions, cauliflower rice

Day 3

Ground sausage with butternut squash and chard

Snack platter at party - deviled eggs, homemade tostones with guacamole, jicama, olives, sliced fruit

Stomach ache next day after this day.

Day 4  

Frittata with spinach and bell peppers; 1/2 banana with almond butter

Tuna with mayo and cut veggies, pickles, olives and two plums

Rib eye steak with vegan creamed kale


I drink one cup of coffee per day in the morning.

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