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6.5 weeks pregnant - craving meat and fat

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Hi –

  I’m on Day 17 and am 6 ½ weeks pregnant.  I’m exhausted and craving fat/meat.  I’m wondering if anyone can provide some advice to tweak my meals to help with these cravings.

Here’s what I typically eat:


Meal 1 – two fried eggs, half a plate of cooked veggies with ghee, palm sized amount of hashbrowns and ½ avocado ‘

OR 1-2 pieces of veggie and egg frittata (so~about 1.5 eggs in that), 1 HB egg, ½ avocado and half a plate of cooked veggies with ghee


Meal 2 – large salad (mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, bacon) with compliant dressing and a palm sized amount of cooked spaghetti squash and 1-2 palms of meat and mushroom spaghetti sauce on the side

 OR cucumber slices and 1-2 palms of compliant chicken salad with homemade mayo


Meal 3 – taco salad (grd turkey meat, plantain chips, romaine, avocado, tomatoes, and cucumbers)

OR Grilled chicken, half plate of veggies with ghee and ½ sweet potato with ghee

OR salmon, ½ plate of cooked veggies with ghee and ½ baked potato with ghee


By the end of the night I’m craving fat/protein (coconut milk ice cream, greasy burgers, steaks, fries, fatty cheeses, fried chicken, etc).  These are foods I typically wouldn’t normally crave (ok, maybe the ice cream), but not the meats.  Can you provide suggestions for ways to tackle this craving?  Am I missing something in my meals?


Thank you!

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Okay so first of all, as you are growing another human in your body,you're going to need to eat more than if you weren't... that means three meals a day, closer to the top end of the template and either a fourth meal or one meal split into two mini meal snacks... 

Eggs when they are the sole source of protein for a meal are at minimum as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping... that starts at 3-4 for most people so you're starting your day short... if you're doing frittatta, you need to cut yourself a piece that would equal at least 3-4 eggs.

My suspicion si that youre craving these foods because your body knows they are nutrient dense and because you're undereating, it's trying to give you a push towards something it knows will satisfy it. so eat more over all and if the body/baby wants more food, give in :)  

Also, not sure if you've seen it or not, but there's a whole program called Happy Mama Health Baby that is a part of the Whole30... just click on the Pregnancy tab at the top of this screen :)  

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