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low energy during morning after morning run-question??


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Hi, I'm on day 27 and have noticed that I have lower energy levels (very la ti da) when i run in the mornings before work. I've reduced my running due to energy and needing to rest my knee. I'm running slower than normal but I am ok with this because I am heathier.

I noticed my decrease in energy earlier in the program and and added a snack after working out. When I run in am I eat this:

prew 1 boiled egg spoon of almond butter

postw 1 boiled egg/half a clean sausage and a couple bites of sweet potato (today I did probably a 1/4.)

breakfast 2 eggs/pumkin almond butter, little coconut oil (30 minutes after postw)

Even with adding this extra snack I feel lazy and low energy. Any ideas? I'm guessing add more starches?? But I'm about 5'2 and weight 164 so the book suggests not eating carbs afterworkout. So, that's why I haven't included more of them.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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I lost weight while eating a whole sweet potato almost daily. I ate them because I liked them and because they were convenient. Maybe I would have lost weight faster, but I felt good along the way and fully achieved my goals. I was 6'2 and around 200 pounds. My guess is you would benefit from eating more starchy vegetables.

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