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Likely Problems and Timing?


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Ok, so I'm working on setting up my plan for reintroduction phase which is a little early (I'm on day 18), but I'm going to be traveling that first week and I don't want to blow it.  My question is about foods that I suspect are an issue.  I know dairy is a problem and so I am choosing to not reintroduce at all for now.  This is something I've known since I was a child, so that one is easy.  But, when it comes to the rest I'm wondering about the order that people prefer to do things in.  I suspect corn is a problem food for me, I really don't want it to be but I'm giving it it's own day based on past experience with time of year and how much we eat it at my house (husband is a farmer so August is basically corn with everything month). 

Would you suggest doing corn first?  Or last?  Or does it even matter?  I am excited to do the reintroduction because I know I will be discovering a lot about my body but I'm also a little bit scared, I've always had a touchy relationship with my tummy vs. food and I am afraid it will ALL clobber me.  

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