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Starting (again) tomorrow!!


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Hi whole30-ers!

I'm back starting again on a Whole30. The last one I did (which ended up being a whole28) was back in March. I've been struggling with sugar and wine demons ever since.

I have tried doing a few Whole30s under my own steam but have never gotten very far.

So I'm back here hoping to draw from the strength, support, and wisdom of the community, and of course of Melissa and Dallas. I have received my Day 0 email and am now feeling pumped and excited for the next 30 days.

There will be plenty of challenges - Xmas parties galore, plus many sunny days just perfect for lounging around in the sun with a glass of bubbles. But I plan to stay focused this time. I'll log my meals in the log section, and go into a bit more detail about my goals etc over in the log.

For now, it's hi to everyone, hope your journey is going well, looking forward to joining you!!

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Hi Little Penguin

I'm also starting my second Whole 30 today. I finished my first 2 days before my 50th birthday and have been pretty much on track since then,except for my almost nightly couple of glasses of wine. I feel those glasses of wine are undoing all the good I've done during the day with 100 percent compliant eating 😔

So.....today is day one, and it will be a challenge to get through the party season and summer without a cold chardy or glass of bubbles, but I will do it.

My middle son (21) is on his day 45+ and has been amazing and stayed 100% on track. He's lost 11kgs!!!

My eldest son (24) is starting day one with me today 😀

Youngest son and hubby are "not ready" yet, but enjoy all the great food I cook, so fingers crossed!!

Good luck to you on your journey!!

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Good luck to you indigo73. At least here in Australia we don't have Thanksgiving to contend with! Christmas is another matter though :)

Little Penguin, how are you going this time round? Are you finding it harder or easier than first time?

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