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Hi all, 

Today is day 31. 

Overall have noticed a lot of Non Scale Victories I'd like to share with you all. 

Firstly I started out with of course wanting that number on the plastic demon that lurks in my bathroom to tell me I was fewer in numbers than previous. It didn't. In fact the numbers went up by about a kg.  (I am end of my period and have been feeling a bit bloated the last few days) no biggie. Less hurt feels than expected. A good sign.

Sleep - My sleep had been off the richter bad before I started, I would wake up in the night, every night, burning anxiety, thinking through everything I'd have to get done the next day, nervous about what I might drop the ball on. 

About week 2.5/3 I noticed I was sleeping deeply through the night, could get into bed, turn out my light and within minutes felt sleepy enough to drift off. Right now I scarcely wake up before sunrise. In the last two or three days I have begun to feel awake when waking up - this is a big thing for me. I have been dragging the chain with lack of energy, i am spent by lunchtime and have a couple of energy drops during the day. There is still room for improvement, but it is definitely on the mend.

Stress & Anxiety - Far reduced, praise be! Not only have I been fortunate to not be working on anything stressful, but I have not been feeling unnecessary stress since taking this on and anything that does come along I can somehow deal with. I am confident with continuing in this lifestyle plus minimising coffee, alcohol intake in my real world this could be further improved.

Alcohol!! - A nightly glass(es) of wine had become my reality, my little relief after a day at work all too often. This probably had a compounding effect of not aiding a restful mind or deep sleep. I do crave a glass of wine a few times a week so this will be an ongoing challenge for me to include some vino on worthy occasions. 

There are more details here - during my Whole30 I kept an almost daily diary of what I ate, how I felt and what I was hoping for. Read more here: http://kiwiwhole30.simplesite.com

If you have any specific questions I will do my best to answer them. 

Just keep going. You CAN do this!! It is worth it and the NSVs count for so much. 30 days is just the beginning of the rest of your healthy life. Your body will thank you. 

B xx

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