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Olivia's Whole30!


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So pumped about starting tomorrow!!

My biggest challenges are Friday afternoon drink-o-clock at work. And when my husband has wine with his dinner. And coffee.

I have some Xmas parties coming up too, will probably have to be a bit sneaky and make sure I always have a glass full of soda water so epople don't ask me why I am not drinking. Last time I did a Whole30 everyone thought I was preganant when I said I wasn't drinking!

Anyway, my goals are mainly to sort out my energy levels and my digestion. And to feel vibrant!

Food-wise, apart from the standard Whole30 I aim to have greens with every meal.

Exercie-wise: I already do ashtanga yoga twice a week (at least). I'd like to add to that:

  • Run 2x per week (I have been a runner for the last 6 years but it has fallen out of favour a little lately)
  • Cycle 1x per week
  • Kettlebell workout 1x per week

I also do quite a bit of low-level activity, in the form of walking the dog once a day.

The other thing I want to maintain throughout is a daily meditation practice. I am getting better at this but still I miss some days. So I'll try to report in my log how I've been going with this too.

OK - pumped - here I go!

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Day 1.


B: 2-egg omelette cooked in coconut oil with a side of half an avocado and some rocket.

L: Leftover caponata with a side of baby spinach (assuming it's still good, it's been sitting in the work fridge all weekend)

D: Beef rendang. No veg :(

Snacks: herbal tea and chocolate. Yes chocolate!! I completely forgot until I was halfway through a chocolate bar. So look like tomorrow will also be Day 1!! How silly of me.

Exercise: I was supposed to go to yoga this morning but I decided to have extra sleep instead. It felt soooo good! So no exercise today.

Meditation: 10 minutes in the morning.

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Day 1 x 2.


Posting in advance because I know I will have some struggles!

B: 2-egg omelette cooked in coconut oil with a side of half an avocado and some silverbeet from the garden.

L: I will head down to the market and stock up on some organic veggies for the fridge at work. I'll see what else I can find down there.

D: I have a client Christmas party. The forecast is for beautiful weather! There will be temptations. Then afterwards I am going to a concert, again I will have to be strong here! I might pack some emergency supplies in my bag - can of tuna etc to get me through.

Snacks: Macadamia nuts and herbal tea.

Exercise: Just walking the dog in the morning.

Coming up for the rest of the week:

Wednesday and Thursday mornings - yoga

Wednesday night and Friday morning - walk the dog

Thursday night - go for a cycle

Wednesday and Thursday night - cooking dinner at home, so it will be healthy and compliant.

Friday night - out for dinner with my Dad. Will have to be careful.

Weekend - Saturday and Sunday out on a road trip with my Dad. Again will have to be careful and will probably take supplies wtih me.

Sunday night - family Christmas function - there are always loads of sweets and booze at these, I will have to be careful.

So looks like I need to do plenty of planning to get through this week!

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Ok, so yesterday was:

B: omelette with side of silver beet from the garden

L: sausage with onion and sauerkraut

D: chicken and pork with red curry paste, big salad

Snack of macadamia nuts

Walked the dog in the morning. Went home early because I was exhausted.

Today so far:

Yoga in the AM

B: can of salmon and salad

L: can of tuna and salad

D: will be roast chicken with tomatoes, and broccolini, maybe some kale.

Snacks: mixed nuts

Got a killer headache today!! Just kicked in after lunch.

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Day 3 was Thursday.

Yoga in the am.

Eggs, spinach and bacon for breakfast

Lunch was spread out over two meals and was a salad with tuna

Diner was steak, kale, and red peppers

Also snacked quite a bit on nuts. Some in the morning, some between lunch and dinner.

This morning I headed for the scales but put them back just in time.

Today is lunch with a friend of mine, at her place, hopefully she doesn't make me a sandwich!

And then dinner is out, hopefully not too hard to stay compliant.

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Day 4!!

Writing this as the rest of my team is enjoying wine-o-clock.

Breakfast - eggs fried in coconut oil and kale.

Lunch 1 - steamed fish and salad

Lunch 2 - prawns and salad

2 lunches today, cheeky I know!!

Also snacked on nuts this morning.

Dinner yet to come.

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Thanks Juzbo!

Friday dinner was delicious, rare breed pork with veggies.

Yesterday was day 5.

Breakfast: a hard-boiled egg and handful of nuts (was on the go!)

Lunch: baked eggs in roast capsicum sauce with Turkish sausage and dukkah mmmm!

Dinner: steak with salad and broccolini

I snacked on nuts, salami and olives.

Not too bad for being on the road. Today is day six and I'm on my way back home. Haven't had breakfast yet, and I won't until I get back into town. I am aiming for something eggy. Will possibly try to squeeze in a quick salad lunch too. Dinner this evening is a family Xmas do, always heaps of sweets and cheese around. I find the thought of it all pretty unappealing so shouldn't be too hard to stay compliant.

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WellI survived the family dinner. Drank loads of water!!

Breakfast / lunch was bacon, eggs and kale.

Snacks were olives and salami (I know salami is not ideal but that's all that was available)

Dinner was salad, slow-roasted lamb, and a chicken skewer (which I realised after I had finished it that it had been marinated in yogurt... needless to say I didn't eat the second one I had put on my plate! Hopefully that doesn't send me back to the start).

I had a few macadamias when I got home.

I didn't miss cake, or wine, or coffee at all.

This week should be pretty cruisy, no functions or anything to worry about and I'm cooking for one on three nights out of five.

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Ugh I have a feeling today will be tricky, must have jinxed myself yesterday!!

This morning I has yoga early. After yoga I had the very disappointing insides of a bacon and egg muffin and a decaf long black.

I could feel myself getting a little edgy this morning so I've just had a pot of crio bru (new discovery) with some coconut milk. It wasn't really sweet or anything but the cocoa and the fat are helping to stem the tide of "kill all the things".

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Phoooo really struggled today. Was emotional all morning. Had sweet potato with bolognese, veg and avocado for lunch. Was falling asleep at my desk so had half a black iced coffee and now I feel human again. Not sure if it is related or if it is tmi but before I had even finished my coffee I had to rush to the bathroom. Not a great sign and I will continue to avoid caffeine unless it's an extreme emergency.

The taste of bolognese at lunch gave me a craving, so tonight I'll make a big vat of it to eat for dinner this week. Maybe lunch too, YUM!!

Ok, off to a meeting, happy travels!

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Sorry to hear you are struggling... What's crio bru? I have a cocoa dragon, I used to have three cups a day (with water only) so I haven't even used cocoa as a spice for the whole30 yet... The craving is still lurking, worse than coffee. Speaking of which, the days I have had coffee, about five I think have always been harder, sometimes the next day as well so I am limiting it as much as possible. Oh the coffee was early in the day and I felt okay before it....

Am also going to make some mince, it's my favorite breakfast after soup/stew. Hope your day got better

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Ooh mince for breakfast, great idea.

Crio bru-- think I discovered it on here a few days ago and knew I had to have some. It's basically ground up cacao nibs that you brew like coffee in a plunger. It's great because it is all the goodness of cacao but it isn't sweet.

My day got so much better after half a cup of coffee. That's pretty dangerous, though, so I'll be back off it again tomorrow.

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OK so day 8 is OVVAAA!

Woke up this morning and realised I had not had my zin csupplement last night so I quickly downed is on an empty stomach... bad move!!

I was debilitated with nausea, stomach cramps, and general spaciness so had to take the day off work.

Breakfast was bacon, eggs and kale.

Lunch was bolognese sauce with silverbeet.

Dinner was out - my Dad's last night in town before he goes back home to the country. I had veal with proscuitto, and artichokes, and vegetables. And lots of water.

Tomorrow morning is yoga, and I always struggle with breakfast afterwards. Maybe I will take some bolognese in and warm it up.

Then lunch will probably be a salad with tuna, and dinner will be chicken of some sort.

Snacks were coconut oil and cashew butter. Just a spoonful of each. My belly didn't feel good enough to eat much today!

Juzbo, that pumpkin sounds awesome!

My favourite for recipes is the clothes make the girl.

Also, I just take normal recipes and leave the bad stuff out.

Good luck finding ideas!

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Day 9.

Breakfast again was miserable. I bought a bacon and egg roll and ate the insides. On the weekend I will cook up some of those frittata muffins for yoga days.

I went through the day 7 worksheet this Morning on the train. It was great. Now all day when I have thought that I want some food, I have asked myself if I am really hungry. And I'm not.

I am adding a new goal to my list. I will only eat when I am experiencing the physiological signs of hunger, or when it is meal time (I.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner).

I am just starting to feel hungry for lunch now. I think it will be a sweet potato again.

In other news, I am feeling much better today. My head is clear and my energy levels are really good. My system has been behaving in spite of what I did to it yesterday!

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