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Olivia's Whole30!


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Day 10 today!


Breakfast was bacon, eggs and silverbeet. That's the bacon all gone now. It was very pure bacon, just pork, salt, and spices, but I know it's not the best.

Lunch will be a salad, I think. And dinner is out somewhere.

I left my bolognese at home today, wanted to bring it in for lunch :(

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Hey Juzbo,

Work lunches are mostly ok of you can order a la carte. I find I have problems with Thai (sugar in everything) but you can get a steak just about anywhere (as long as you don't mind the cost). Good luck!

I've got a hankering for soemthing creamy... Might have to break out the coconut cream later today.

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All good yesterday, snacked on nuts a bit more than I would have liked. Felt I really needed the fat boost.

This morning I had eggs, silverbeet, and sardines for breakfast.

Lunch will be in a cafe, dinner home cooked although I don't know what.

Day 12!

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Ok so Saturday's lunch was placed eggs with asparagus, cured pork belly and hollandaise.

Dinner was amazing steak with salad and asparagus.

Sunday breakfast was eggs with silverbeet.

Sunday lunch was eggs with asparagus. A little eggy on Sunday!

Sunday dinner was lamb curry with Brussels sprouts.

Yesterday, breakfast was salad and tuna.

Lunch was sweet potato with bolognese, salad and avocado.

Dinner was salmon with greens.

Today is day 15!!

Breakfast was eggs with spinach.

Lunch, maybe sweet potato again.

Dinner will be salmon and greens again.

Feeling fine but I am craving something creamy.

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I just want to say that the Whole30 has really helped me through this tough time in my life.

I am taking some time away from my husband and going through the process of moving out.

It would be insanely hard if my diet wasn't keeping me strong like this Whole30 is.

I would be a mess right now if I was still drinking and eating crap.

Sure, tonight I did not have the best dinner. A couple of Lara Bars. But that's the worst I have done and the worst I will do.

I have a fridge full of organic veg to get me through this next week, can't wait to get cooking!

I can fit into clothes now that have been too small for me for months.

I haven't been getting the best sleep because I have been busy moving for the last few days but I have the energy to burn, entirely thanks to the Whole30. I am so grateful that Melissa and Dallas out this together and that there are such great people here supporting one another's health.

My life will never be the same.

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Sorry to hear but good on you for seeing the positives.... I just got the results of blood tests and compared to three months ago my iron has improved from 12 to 13.8. (never been that high before), and vitamin d increased from 48 to 71... after being low for a few years. I realized this was due to overtraining and dietary inflammation which is why the whole9 paleo approach has really helped.

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I have been going well.

Day 23 and this feels like a way of life for me now.

This morning for breakfast I had THREE eggs and some kale, and now I feel amazing.

I am continuing on until January 2nd. And possibly even beyond then! I have some goals around my body size and shape that I would lien to keep heading towards, and I am loving the levels of energy I am feeling.

One thing I have been doing is relying on nuts a little bit too heavily. This comes from being unprepared. I would look to try some time without nuts but I will really need to get organised.

I am away this weekend, but maybe when I get back it will be a good time to try nut free.

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Day 29! One day to go! Although I am continuing on until December 31st.

Feeling amazing.

I've been trying to get in my veg where I can. Tonight for dinner was green curry chicken with snow peas, sugar snaps, and spinach. Greenilicious!

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Wow, so I have finished my Whole30.

I feel great except I have a nasty sore throat. I think that comes from too many late nights and Xmas parties. Imagine how sick I would be if I had been drinking at those parties!

I still have a long way to go. It has just been an insane month. Today is my last day of work before 5 days off for Xmas. When I get back I will get more organized about lunches, preparing them in advance. I am reading Tamar Adler's book, An Everlasting Meal, which is giving me great cooking inspiration. I will also try to be better about getting more vegetables. I had originally wanted every meal to have some green in it but I did get off track with that quite often, so I want to try to stick with it a bit more.

I also want to get better at building exercise into my day. I have been doing yoga twice a week but I have been neglecting my runs and my lifting.

So it's not over yet from me! Just wondering if I should move over to the post-Whole30 thread or stay here?

I haven't weighed or measured myself but I don't care. I know my clothes fit a hell of a lot better. I still have a way to go with this too but I know I will get there if I continue on with eating well Whole30 style, and looking after myself. Thanks to Juzbo and Hannah for their support, and best wishes to everyone else doing their Whole30 right now!

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OK! So I'm back. I'll be starting another whole30 today. So it will be December 27 to January 25.

This time I can be a little more organised about it, there isn't as much craziness going on.

And I am adding a little twist because it was so easy to fall back on them last time... no nuts! And no Lara-bar type things, and no dried fruit.

In my time away I was pretty good actually. The worst thing was I had one square of dark chocolate one evening. And then on Xmas day I had Thai food for lunch. I know for sure there were peanuts, and there was also quite a bit of sugar. And then for dessert I made myself some sugar free chocolate nut balls. They were delish, a bit SWPO. Oh, also I have had a few sushi rolls here and there.

But now I'm back on track! I did stop tracking my food towards the end last time so I want to make an effort to keep going strong all the way through.

Wish me luck!

Breakfast today will be eggs and greens, as usual.

Lunch will be cabbage soup.

Dinner will be veggies with bolognese sauce.

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Day 2 no nuts yesterday!

Wonder if maybe I did not eat enough because I was still hungry after dinner. I had some olives while chatting on the phone to a girlfriend.

This morning I went for a 40k bike ride, first in a long, long time. Everything hurts now haha!

I had a long black halfway through my ride, the pwo meal of tuna, avocado and mayonnaise.

Jut doing some grocery shopping now, lunch and dinner will depend what I can get my hands on the the grocer! Actually, lunch will be cabbage soup again, dinner depends.

I feel wonderful today.

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Hello! I've been doing well but not really posting. Although today I had a bit of a sugar attack. Not good.

So looks like I am off to re-introduction. I have a few events coming up over the next few weekends when I'll have a glass of wine, other than that I plan to stay off dairy, grains, and sugar. I'll be back for a full on whole 99 in February (going until my birthday in May).

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