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Lisa's Whole 30 *Modified* Log!


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Okey dokey! I am really excited. After a lot of experience experimenting with Paleo, Primal, juice fasting and focusing on real foods, I am realizing that some of my fruit-heavy choices may have harmed my blood sugar / insulin status and that I need to get that under control. I am going to embark on a modified Whole 30 allowing some room for vegetable juices, since they help my gut issues immensely (might not be necessary for everyone, but definitely for me) and less meat than others might have (also, from experience, works best for me).  Woohoo, let's see how it goes.  I am really grateful for this site to have some accountability. And I'm starting to actually record blood sugar, so I'll see how that evolves in response.  I'm hoping to track food choices, blood sugar, gut issues, and energy. 

I think my goal here is to not let myself be self-deceptive, ignoring mounting blood sugar issues, as I know is easy to do.  I'm not going to aim for perfection but honesty and evolution towards a way of eating that nurtures and supports me. In the end, so much of health comes from those basic food choices, and it is so easy to strategically ignore what is hard to chance. 

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Day 0:

Beginning Data Points: 

  • Fasting blood sugar is 98 (high!) ... (maybe from carb heavy night before)
  • Post meal blood sugars: between 94 and 120 (okay). Down to 84 after gongura.

Food log:

  • Red pepper, veg juice w some beets, kombucha tea w ginger/lemon.
  • Apple with black tahini, gongura/fenugreek chutney, nutr yeast + turm + cayenne mix. 


Gut situation: pretty awful in morning, maybe from starting Metformin or from carbs yesterday. 



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