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Trish's Whole 30#1 log


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Day 1 completed. 

Black coffee w unsweetened almond milk

M1:  Hard boiled egg, blueberries/ raspberries

M2:  W30 Protein Salad w tuna, tangerine

6 almonds

M3:  spaghetti squash, W30 tomato sauce, 6 oz Ground angus grass-fed beef. 6 pieces dried pineapple/mango/papaya 

gevalia ice-brew coffee concentrate 1/2 cup with 1/2 almond milk, 1 tsp Dutch Cocoa (unsweetened ), 1 banana:  whipped in a blender. 

3 Perrier H20 grapefruit

48 oz H20

Feeling fat and puffy, but determined 


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Day 2

coffee w almond milk

M1:  2 scrambled eggs w zucchini.  Fresh berries

M2:  protein salad w tuna, cubed apple, slivered almonds 

WF plantain chips w compliant guacamole 

M3:  W30 braised brisket, fresh snow peas and carrots

im quite thirsty and drinking a lot

30 min spin class

1/2 mile walk ...93 degrees

i have IT band syndrome which us extremely painful.  Hanging on to hope that food change and weight loss alleviates it

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Day 3

coffee w unsweetened almond milk

M1:  1 hard boiled egg. 1/2 grapefruit

Mid am:  Apple slices w almond butter

M2: left over brisket, snow peas

M3:  1/2 spaghetti squash, I serving grassfed ground angus beef, W30 tomato sauce

1 Perrier 

64 oz h20

ice coffee w almond milk, banana, cocoa powder ice cubes. Blended. 

Will add add more veges tomorrow 

0 added sugar 

I felt slightly better this afternoon. I'm sure it's too soon to have made a difference 

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Day 4

coffee w unsweetened almond milk

M1:  hb egg, half grapefruit

M2: protein salad w tuna, w chopped celery and apples

apple w almond butter

M3:  W30 cauliflower rice w zucchini & red peppers. - added cumin and chili powder   Ground angus grassfed beef w franks red hot.  W30 homemade ranch (really good and way better than store bought!)

surprisined that I'm not having massive sugar cravings.  

Today I didn't even think about finding something sweet in the afternoon at the office. I'm waiting for them to return.  

My general mood is improving.  I'm feeling less grouchy 

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Day 6

hardboiled egg, almond butter & apple

salad, w Chicken  sausage - fresh fruit.  ( at offsite meeting)

passed up cookie tray at lunch. and candy dishes at company meeting

celery w almond butter

big salad w chicken salad w grapes and walnuts 


walked thru bakery dept unaffected. 

Energy is up, overall sadness lifting


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Day 7

Coffee w califa coconut/almond creamer 

3 slices organic bacon, apple w almond butter


protein salad w W30 chicken salad (2 pm - meeting ran long)

celery a almond butter and grapes


W30 shrimp scamp w spaghetti squash

plantain chips



end of week 1.


my mood has significantly changed.  I feel upbeat and positive for the first time in a long time, I was friendly and chatty w people on my street that I don't know - usually just a "hi there" and I keep walking.  Seems too soon to attribute it tot the food change.. But I don't know what else it could be. Work is pretty stressful and crappy - so normally that would tank my mood completely

I haven't eaten one thing off program

i haven't been tempted by sweets - which is shocking to me

im not falling asleep at 9 pm

i feel like doing stuff again -  I'm up and around after walk doing things I've been putting off for a year

I need to drop about 50 lbs. I'm committing to 90 days of W30 to imbed the habits and the downward trajectory

i feel a slight easing in the waist and around the thighs of my jeans.   I will not weigh myself until I can't keep them up

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Day 8

coffee w califa 

2 eggs scrambled w zucchini and red peppers.  Tangerine

protein salad w leftover shrimp. w30 ranch dressing.

roasted fingerling potatoes and broccoli.  Salmon brushed w olive oil, baked in foil w lemon and dill.  Natural, sugar free Applesauce w cinnamon 

yoga class and walking today.  

Pain level 7. Iced 30 minutes. Did 10 mins stretching 30 min yoga.  Walk 1 mile. 

Back on bike tomorrow

8 days no added sugar. No after dinner snacking.  

Waking up hungry...I think that's a positive. 

Just read plantain chips are a no go.  Will try roasting some beets and sweet potatoes today

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Day 10

M1. HB egg, tangerine

M2:  leftover fajita. Peppers & flank steak w franks redhot. Tangerine



M3:  protein salad w chicken. Tessame compliant zesty ranchDressing



today at work - bosses birthday. I had to bring cake.  I didn't eat any.  

My daughter brought home a home a dozen bakery chocolate chip cookies.   I put a container over them so I can't see them.  I didn't eat any.  Craving for sweets is nearly gone. Weird that it feels like I should want it, but I don't really.  

Im more ore tired these past 2 days

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Friday. Day 14.  2 weeks complete

M1: HB egg , tangerine

M2:  W30 squash soup.  Left over salmon on tossed lettuce w W30 ranch


M3. Applegate chicken   Zoodles sautéed w coconut oil.  Didn't like them

cherry larabar.  

After dinner tea

I didn't like the stuff I cooked this week. 

I feel less bloated.   My mood is not as good as was week 1 

No added sugar for 2 straight weeks.  Cravings are gone 

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Saturday. Day 15 complete. 1/2 way

2 scrambled eggs w apple gate chicken sausage and spinach 

W30 protein salad w tuna salad 1/2 apple


8 oz angus grassfed ribeye 

tossed salad w W30 ranch

3 w30 date balls

30 mins yoga 

dog had anxiety attack... To the vet to get meds. 

mood is on the rise

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Day 16

vega and froz fruit w banana and almond milk

tuna salad w apple and celery on bed of lettuce. Tressame ranch dressing 


w30 perfect chicken, sautéed spinach, roasted fingerling potato

2 w30 date balls


30 min yoga. 1 mike walk. House work.

 Pain level 6

mood on improving again. Agitation mostly gone.  Have calmness and  patience I haven't had in some time

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Day17.  Feeling determined.  Wore a shirt today than has been too tight. My pants were looser this morning. I'm very motivated   I can feel that my stomach / belly is smaller 

M1: hb egg, tangerine. Coffee w Califa coffee creamer

snack. Apple w almond butter

M2:  chicken breast, sliced peppers and pea pods w Tessamae ranch 

celery w almond butter

m3:  2 mini zucchini chopped and sautéed w coconut oil and cashews. Chicken breast. Added teasame dressing for zest and some Greek olives.  This was a good mix. I'll use this meal again

2 dates

mood is positive and upbeat   Feels like I can do this. 



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Day 22. 

M1. Scrambled eggs 2. W broccoli & red pepper.  Coffee

m2. Salad w W30 ground angus.  W30 tessame dressing

 30 butternut soup.  1/4 lb burger wrapped in lettuce w tomato and mustard


This was a Saturday at my parents. So challenging , but managed.  They're being  supportive even tho my mom thinks its "some weird diet"


2 remarks today on note able weight loss!  I can feel it especially in the upper body.   Waist and gut smaller, bust is smaller.  Wearing a pair of jeans that have been too tight.  They're still a little snigger than I'd like. But I'm feeling very determined it do the Whole90.   I'm able to pass on cookies, bread and sweets like never before.  

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