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Resting heart rate


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I'm going to do my first W30 next week.. but I went off refined sugars (started on candida diet, then keto) a few months ago. I have had the same awesome side effect! My resting heart rate was usually well above 85... after a meal, it could race 120bpm for a few hours! Also had skips and palpitations. Since reducing nonsense carbs and adding plenty of healthy fats, my resting rate is now around 60-70 bpm. This was enough for me to adopt a healthy food lifestyle... forever! Weight loss is still a work in progress... but my heart, is thanking me <3

Well done & congratulations! :)

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So, I started Whole30 on September 16 and my resting heart rate has decreased from 68 BPM to 54 BPM. It took a week or two to see it start to go down but it definitely has! Kinda cool!!

Particularly since I don't have my Tiger Blood yet and I'm on Day 24... 

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3 hours ago, Robin in Iowa said:

What is ideal?

I didn't expect to see it low in the low 50s. I am also tired.


Normal is usually 60-100, but can be lower for people who are in good shape.

If you want more feedback on why you might be feeling tired, tell us more about what you're doing -- what day of whole30 are you on, what does a day or two of typical meals look like, are you exercising, how much are you sleeping each night?

The first week or so of whole30, it is not unusual to be a little more tired than usual. Other things that can contribute to tiredness include not eating enough or not eating the right mix of foods -- for instance, not adding fat to each meal, or inadvertently going too low carb (try having at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day if you're not already); not salting your food; not drinking enough water; or non-food stuff like not sleeping enough or being under a lot of stress.

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