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One day success, 29 to go


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On day 8.  Still going strong.  I did bite the head off of a customer service rep on day 4 (I apologize Mr. LG help line man).  Other than that it's going well.  

I have had cravings, but time and herbal tea helps them pass.  The other thing I'm experiencing is weird food dreams.  Last night I dreamt of an ocean of cottage cheese.  What would Freud say to that?

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Hi Ivie,

I actually can't believe that it is Day 17.  At this point I am doing well, so well that I would consider I'm sailing through it.  Day 9 and 10 were killers.  I had a headache that made me long for death, but I didn't cheat and it finally slunk away leaving me feeling a bit victorious, if not drained.  I kept reading and rereading entries on the forum that were encouraging (so much support here) and it pulled me through.  I have had a few thoughts about what to have when this is over, but I'm feeling really good and don't want to give that up.  Still a ways to go so we'll see.

How are you doing?  Have you noticed any interesting changes?  Having any challenges?  I did tell my husband that he has to eat his nightly blue corn chips out of earshot.  I miss the crunch.

Keep in touch - we're near the last part.  Go, go, go!

Kid sister60



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