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Vanki's Whole30 Log


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Hi all! 

This is my second Whole30 (but 5th try...). I did it on January and felt great but did not follow the reintroduction phase and within a month fell into old habits. Reasons I'm doing this: 1) chronic illness runs in my family and I believe in the healing power of food. I want to develop good habits now rather than later. 2) I moved across the country and now live alone. Bad eating and mindless snacking habits have snuck in. 3) I suffer from migraines and hope this will help. 4) there is a lot of stress and my work that I cannot control but I can control if I give into stress eating and what I put in my body. 


So so all that said I hope that having this log will keep me accountable. I appreciate any tips!


M1: Egg Shakshuka (tomato sauce, peppers, onions, garlic, kale) and avocado.

M2: Whole30 turkey chili, grapes

M3: chicken,carrot and fennel soup, side of sweet potatoes.

Black coffee, green tea, water.

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So yesterday felt pretty good (first day always is for me). My only complaint is I didn't get home until after 8pm so my dinner was pretty late in the evening. I never feel that good eating so late at night. But it was compliatvso I call it a success. On to day 2.


M1: egg frittata with kale and chicken apple sausage. 1 clementine.

M2: turkey chili, pear.

M3: chicken fennel soup, sweet potatoes.

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Today wasn't too bad. I had more fruit than I would like so tomorrow I'll increase the portions of my meals so I don't feel the need to have an apple for a snack.

M1: egg kale sausage frittata, grapes

M2: turkey chili, apple

M3: chicken soup, epic bar

+ another apple after working out as snack. 

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R2D6 posting a day late.

M1: scrambled eggs with compliant Mayo, apple

M2: so hungry but completely out of veggies!  Had a small bowl of soup and beef jerky. Just couldn't stomach more when all I wanted was something green.

M3: Brussel sprouts, turkey chili, sweet potatoes 

snack: 3 dried figs

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Day late to post. Wow looking back yesterday was a hodgepodge of foods. Not as close to the template as I should be.


M1: apple, almonds

M2: egg salad with compliant mayo, turkey meatball

M3: roasted vegetables, trail mix, Brussel sprouts, applegate hot dog

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halfway there!!! I am committing to less nuts and dried fruit. None unless there is an emergency with no other options. I think they are a good without brakes for me.

M1: eggs, spinach, guacamole 

M2: spinach cauliflower mash, chicken, sauerkraut, grapes

M3: chicken soup

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im kinda over this....I don't feel any NSV yet and my sugar dragon is calling my name!! But I'm not a quitter and I know that there are 14 days left. Enough time to see some changes. Ok whining over. 

M1: eggs, spinach, salsa, side of chicken

M2: salad (no dressing), apple, roasted venison

M3: egg salad, roasted vegetables 


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not gonna lie....I'm pretty over this. No NSV yet and I love pumpkin spice everything so this week has been rough. I really could use some NSV to give me motivation to keep chugging away.

M1: egg roll in a bowl, turkey meatball

M2: cauliflower spinach mash, meatball, sauerkraut 

M3: chicken, guacamole, spinach, apple

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