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Early Morning Low Intensity Workout


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I started the Whole30 8 days ago - going great so far. I also restarted a low intensity core strength course and getting up at 5am. I get up, have a handful of nuts, and barely break a sweat for about 45 minutes. The problem starts after the workout. I need the morning to do school before my kids get up, so want to spend 5:45-7 doing school, not eating an intentional breakfast (I found myself reading and eating today, which is not ideal)  

I would like time to enjoy my coffee and read / do my coursework and have breakfast with my family. Could I bridge this gap with some coconut milk and collagen in my coffee? Any other ideas? I know I could scarf something down, but I'd rather not do that  



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How hungry are you at that point? If you're really ravenously hungry, it may be best to eat breakfast, even if you can't sit and eat it intentionally -- whether that means eating as you study or eating quickly beforehand, and then have coffee and sit with your family as they eat.

If you're just a bit hungry, even if you feel your workout might not warrant a post-workout meal, that might be an option. That would mean a few bites of protein and optionally a few bites of starchy vegetable. 

Or if you're not hungry at all, the nuts pre-wo mean you've had some food within an hour of waking up, and could just wait until breakfast if you wanted to.

This is something that you may need to try one thing for a few days and see how it works, and then if it isn't right for you, change it and see if something else works better. It might also be that your needs change over time, so what works now may not work as well at some point in the future. Just pay attention to how you feel and adjust as necessary.

I would really try not to have coffee before your full breakfast because it can be an appetite suppressant, and you don't want to artificially change your hunger signals, or end up not getting the nutrition you need because you're just not hungry.

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