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Alice S

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hi everyone! i'm a sophomore in college and i'm going to start whole 30 tomorrow but i need some help! i'm limited to dining hall foods so i have a great salad bar and fruit options. however, as far as protein goes, the only foods that i can rely on is hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken breast. other meats or animal proteins make an occasional appearance but even so, they're often covered in yucky sauces or cooked in ways that would make them not whole 30 approved.

so, in what ways can i spice up hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken breast? we have a variety of hot sauces, vinegars, and olive oils available, as well as some spices like curry powder.

please help me out!



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I'd say play with those spices! Mix your protein of choice into your veggies in different ways. Are the cafe workers able to take special requests?

Are you allowed to plug in an electric skillet or crockpot in your dormroom? Do you have a fridge?

You could totally make this work, it's just going to use some creativity.

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I agree with bratdoll. Play with your spices. Find a spice blend you like and keep it in your purse so you can sprinkle over your grilled chicken and veggies for when you are in the dining hall. Try an italian blend or make one of your own.

I would imagine eating grilled chicken and veggies all the time would get pretty old. So, do you have the ability to use electric cooking utensils in you dorm? (I'm thinking not, I was in college 10 years ago and we couldn't have them then) If you can, you may want to get a george foreman grill or even a crock pot. Do you have access to a dorm kitchen? We did at least have one of those and you could do your cooking in there. If you have a small fridge in your room keep snacks like avocados, carrot and celery sticks, apple slices etc. Things that don't need to be kept cold, like coconut milk and nuts would also be good to have on hand incase you need them.

You could also talk to the director of the dining hall and explain your situation. Maybe they would help you. Good Luck!

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I have the same exact situation! I love my uni's salad bar but I'm always limited in the type of protein I can eat. I usually have hard boiled eggs with pepper and sometimes hot sauce. (My school is not blessed with very many spices or sauces, unfortunately.) I like my chicken plain. But please go crazy and experiment!! Another thing I'm thinking about is buying my own avocado and eating them with hard boiled eggs... In my mind that sounds delicious.

Good luck with the Whole30! I'm on day 5, and it's been amazing so far.

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