30 day results exceed expectations

Scott W

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8/17 I weighed 298, I started cleaning up my diet in preparation for a 8/28 start date and in the 10 day period I lost 8 lbs weighing in at 290.5 on 8/27.

Today weigh 260.5 and have lost 3 in on my waist.

It exceeded my expectations

I am set to go another 30 days to make this a whole60.

I used to be in much better shape and have wanted to kick start my healthy living for the longest time.  After I read "It Starts With Food" I became convinced that, at age 52, I was heading for some serious medical issues which I have escaped up to now probably through lucky genetics and a previous background in being kind to my health.

What is really amazing for me is I am just eating 3 meals a day and hungry before each meal.  Up to this commitment, I had been drinking daily and now I am so glad to be rid of that habit.

I didn't count my calories but followed the program. I did track my eating through fitness pal so I can say I was eating around 2,000 calories a day the whole month.


All in all, I would recommend this eating program for anyone.





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i just completed another 28 days to make it for the whole58.  I am intentionally breaking tonight to have a beer and some wings but I intend to keep going with this and only have cheat meals or treats just occasionally.

i feel so much better and can’t believe how much I don’t feel dependent on food or alcohol.  I lost another 14 pounds over the additional 28 days bringing my total weight loss to 52 pounds since 8/17 (10 days before I started my whole 30).

I can’t say enough good things about this program and would encourage anyone to try it and be sure to read the book “It Starts Wih Food”

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12/22 update

a little less than 4 mos after I started my whole 30 I am still 90+% Strict with it.  I haven’t eaten any sugar or processed foods.  No bread or pizza.  Today I weighed 218 which is 80 lbs less than when I started. I definitely had been suffering from systematic inflammation.  When I went to my dentist earlier this month, my hygienist told me my gums looked much better.  In addition, my morning resting HR is much lower sometimes as low as 48.

I definitely am very pleased with this eating approach.


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1 hour ago, Scott W said:

Update:  I weighed in on 1/16 at 209.  A total of 89 lbs lost in less than 5 mos.  The whole30 program has been phenomenal.  I am going to concentrate on lifting now and stabilizing my weight.



Good for you!!!  How do you feel? Your body composition and weight obviously are iimproved dramatically, but how do you feel now about food and the future going forward?  

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Truthfully, it was so hard getting to the point of making the positive change, I am apprehensive about reverting to any bad habits.  I will always stay pretty true to the whole30 philosophy but I need to add some calories so I may end up using a nutritional coach to help me optimize my eating strategy. 

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Another bit of positive feedback from this eating approach.  Yesterday I went to the DR and had my blood pressure taken.  It was 107/75.  It has never been that good.  Previously I was always on the borderline of having high blood pressure so this was great news!

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