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Day 17 Acne Breakout

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Hi everyone! I'm on Day 17, and with the exception of some cravings and probably eating too many calories these past few days, I've been coasting pretty easily through this. For the first week, my skin actually started clearing up ALOT, and all digestive issues were at a minimal. 

However, the past few days I've started breaking out all along my chin, and a little on my face (I very rarely get breakouts anywhere other than my chin). The only thing I've done differently is maybe eat more fat/nuts, but all whole30 approved! It's a little frustrating, since the breakouts were a major thing I was hoping this would clear up, and it was going great in the beginning. 

Has anyone else experienced this?? Any tips or thoughts on what could be behind this and what I could try to clear it up?? 



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