I Off-Roaded this weekend


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Hi All,

I off-roaded this weekend not with the premeditated intention of doing so but it was a "so that happened moment"

What I found from this experience is that I still made very good eating choices.

The first night I chose steak, seafood, salad and hot chips (french fries). I didn't eat the full steak as it was too much and I only ate about 5 of the hot chips because they were really large. I did though opt for a Gelato. Earlier in the day I had a Soy Latte.

The second night I had Chinese, I feel it was a good choice but honestly I don't know what they put in the sauce. And I had two tablespoons for fried rice. I couldn't eat the whole dish. I walked 2 km round trip for another Gelato. Again while out shopping on this day I had a Soy Latte.

I felt pains in my tummy in the wee hours of the morning and did have the "I shouldn't have eaten that" thoughts but they did subside.

No chocolates, no wine, no McDonalds.

The morning of the third day I resumed with a beautiful breakfast of eggs, mushrooms, spinach and bacon although I'm not sure if the bacon was compliant. I also had another Soy Latte.

I'm back home and feeling good about things but I was definitely on a sugar high/low yesterday very chatty and happy go lucky only to end my day in tears. I'm really surprised at how much sugar/soy effects your emotions! But It really really does mess with them!!

I feel that it was a positive experience, confirming what I had learned about my eating, what I was eating and how it effects me physically and emotionally.

I'm re-launching into a second Whole 30 and look forward to setting more of my positive eating choices in concrete in hopes they will become convictions!

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