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I started my whole 30 Challenge after my daughter suggested we give it a go. We started the challenge on the 1st of September. Today is the 1st of October I knew that I had lost a bit of weight as my clothes were getting losser on me. So since the challenge was over I could hop on the scales to weigh myself to my surprise I have lost lost just over 4kg.

I found the whole 30 interesting as cooking with whole foods only I have made some really nice dishes it goes to show you you dont need to use all these package or bottle sauce ect to get flavors into your foods. I used mostly garlic cloves, onions and carrots and some of the allowed herbs and spices t o create some amazing meals.

So sitting here thinking will i go back to putting milk in my coffee nah I don't think so.

So I recommend trying the whole 30 as its not as hard as you think its going to be you just need a bit of willpower.

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