Whole30 Completed, Something Amazing Happened


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I just completed my first Whole30. Four weeks ago, I didn't think it would have been possible to go all 30 days without cheating. There were so many psychological barriers to overcome. But I made a pledge with myself and did it! Now, I'm 26 lbs. lighter, but more importantly, my diabetes -- which had begun to spiral out of control this past year -- is now 100% under control without insulin!

Before the Whole30, I had been taking the maximum amount of insulin I could take, and still my glucose readings remained dangerously high for months on end (from the high 200's to low 300's). Just four days after I began the Whole30, my glucose readings dropped 100 points and kept dropping everyday until they normalized in the 100-120 range. Now, no insulin whatsoever and normal glucose readings every time I check. I'm amazed!

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... What are your plans going forward?

I believe going back to the way I was eating would literally kill me -- even though I thought I was eating reasonably healthily. I had my annual physical a few days ago. My doctor was speechless. My A1C (diabetes) was normal for the first time in 18 months, my blood pressure was normal, my liver enzymes were not elevated, my cholesterol was normal, my blood pressure was normal, even my heart rate had slowed. I'm now off all prescription meds, except for a low-dose BP med, which my doctor says is still beneficial to me even if my blood pressure is normal. Anyway, the results have been nothing but incredible. So, yeah, I'll be sticking to it!

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