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Hello all!! First round of Whole 30 10/14


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Hey all!! 


Im Brittany and hoping to start my first Whole 30 on October 14th!! I am excited but also really nervous.


i have rosacea, acid reflux and periodontal disease. I have a lot of inflammation in my body which is making these conditions worse and I believe what im eating might have something to do with it.


i have been clean eating for a few years, and recently have been falling off that eating path and eating and drinking junk.


If anyone else is starting a whole 30 in October I would love some more accountability! 




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I will be starting on Oct 15!

I made it to Day 17 last November/Dec and then fell off so am determined to make it the whole 30 this time.

Going to stock up on some approved foods & get my meal plan in place this weekend.

I am the head chef of our family of five so I will be looking for some recipes that satisfy my insanely picky eaters.




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I'm Amy, and I'm starting my 3rd Whole 30 this Sunday, on October 8!  I think my 16 year old daughter wants to join me for her 2nd Whole 30 :-)))  I want to encourage you both to do this for yourself - it has revolutionized the way I think about food, and as the former rosacea-faced head-chef (I like that!) of my household, I can relate to your comments :-)  If you haven't read "It Starts With Food", I cannot emphasize enough how much you will gain from the straight-forward explanations of SO MANY THINGS regarding food, hormones, inflammation....it's a long, long list!  And if you listen the the audio book, you will get every ounce of humor that the Hartwigs have gifted us for this journey.   I read it alongside my first Whole 30 over two years ago, and have reread it entirely or in part multiple times because it's just that AMAZING!  You will be celebrating non-scale victories before you know it!

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