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Naomi's Notes to Self (Post-Whole30 Log)


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Post-W30, DAY 1 (REINTRO sugar/sweeteners)

Meal 1: paleo banana-berry pancakes (birchbender's) w/ berries, a bit of maple syrup + 2 scrambled eggs and steamed spinach w/ ghee + Rebbl matcha latte (sweetened w/ honey/stevia, dairy free)

NOTE: Pancakes were okay and I didn't feel significantly different after breakfast, but the eggs and spinach tasted way better. Actually craving savory now and think I'll only make paleo pancakes/treats if I'm really craving them.

Snack 1: leftover roasted carrot/sweet potato

Meal 2: Spaghetti squash, green beans, ghee, wilted spinach, ground beef and mushrooms, sundried tomatoes

Had a few bites of coconut ice cream in afternoon but wasn't feeling it.

Meal 3: Bunch of grapes, roasted veggies (brussels, mushrooms, bell pepper, zucchini, onion, garlic) + wilted chard + olive oil + chicken

NOTES: My problem with my last Whole30 was that I got essentially obsessed with not having restrictions and ate things I didn't necessarily WANT just because I COULD. I wasn't super strict with reintroductions and followed the basic reintroduction schedule, but didn't track reactions to particular items, which is what I want to do this time. Before I started this W30, I any more. The sweetened food I ate was good, but I wasn't craving it particularly. I ate it because I had it/had planned it (esp. the ice cream). I'm glad I was aware I wasn't particularly craving those things and literally ate a couple bites of ice cream before saying nah... definitely not worth it right now. Intuitive eating for the win! Next time, my goal is to evaluate BEFORE wasn't eating sugary stuff every day, but I definitely had way more cravings for it (wanting granola or chocolate or just something sweet in the afternoons etc.). I don't have those cravings I start eating. I don't want those cravings for sweet things to come back ... so I think overtly sweet things should stay out of my daily diet except for (generally unplanned) special occasions when I decide it's worth it. A little sugar in my ketchup? All right! Candy just because I can? Nope. That's a bad idea. Reactions? Nothing physical so far. Suspect this one is more of a mental thing. Although if I ate a TON of sugar, I know for a fact I would feel gross and tired.

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DAY 2 (REINTRO dairy)

Meal 1: frittata w/ 3 eggs, chard, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, coconut milk + a bit of sweet potato + 2 small leftover paleo pancakes

Snack 1: coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 2: Brew Dr. Love kombucha + spaghetti squash w/ ground beef and mushrooms, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, green beans, wilted spinach/arugula, a few small slices organic cheddar

Snack 2: La Croix, small handful each almonds and blackberries

Meal 3: Aidell's Italian sausage (contains mozarella) + fried egg + acorn squash + 1 roasted beet + cooked spinach w/ coconut oil

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DAY 3 (REINTRO dairy, cont.)

Meal 1: frittata (same as yesterday) + arugula + acorn squash w/ cinnamon

Snack 1: Coffee w/ coconut cream

Pre-WO: 2 slices capocollo w/ a wedge of cheddar

Workout: Strength training

Post-WO: A cup of Siggi's filmjölk w/ frozen berries and a small amount of honey, maybe 1/2 teaspoon

Meal 2: Salad w/ arugula and romaine, chicken, 1/2 pink lady apple, blackberries, small handful almonds, cucumber + a bit of olive oil and ACV

Pre-WO 2: small handful mixed nuts, Good Earth matcha tea w/ some coconut cream

Workout 2: Cycle class

Post-WO 2: about 1/2 cup plain filmjölk 

Meal 3: 1 Italian sausage (contains mozzarella) + 2 fried eggs + about half a roasted sweet potato w/ cooked spinach and butter + brussels sprouts w/ mushrooms + a cup of bone broth w/ ACV

NOTES: Have only tried yogurt, cheddar, and butter, all low-lactose dairy products, all grass-fed. So far, no problems! Digestion is great, no acid reflux, no stomach pain or discomfort (which I suspect will happen when I try uncultured dairy). Had a lot of energy and good focus/mood today. 

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DAY 4 (REINTRO dairy, last day)

Meal 1: leftover paleo pancakes, blackberries + 2 eggs scrambled with a giant handful of spinach, 2 pieces capocollo + coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 2: Brew Dr. kombucha + bizarro "pizza" made w/ chicken and parmesan crust, sausage, veggies, pepperoni, mozarella + pile of arugula w/ ACV

Snack 1: 1/2 pink lady apple + bone broth w/ ACV

Meal 3: 1 Italian sausage (contains mozarella), 1 fried egg, roasted veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, onion, pepper), beets, and acorn squash w/ 1/4 avocado

Workout: 1 hour swim

Post-WO: smoothie w/ filmjölk, almond milk, frozen berries, 1/2 banana, and whey powder

NOTES: Within half an hour to an hour of drinking that smoothie, I had the following symptoms: burping, mild stomach discomfort/pain, bloating, and gas. Hello lactose intolerance! It's me! Cheese and yogurt products seem to be fine. The whey powder is the only thing that caused lactose intolerance symptoms for me, and since it's basically concentrated, uncultured dairy, it's not really surprising. I wanted whey to work, but oh well! I stopped drink milk in college so this is really just fine. Planning to go back to straight Whole30 for tomorrow and maybe another day before I reintroduce something else. Other than these symptoms tonight, I'm feeling pretty good!

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DAY 5 (no reintros)

M1: Instant Pot kalua pork + steamed cabbage + sweet potato + 1/4 avocado (OH MY GOD. This pork, and the cabbage too, are one of the best things I've tasted in my entire life) + coffee w/ coconut cream

Pre-WO/mini meal: Had to work out a couple hours later than I intended and was hungry but didn't want to eat a full meal yet, so I ate a few pieces capocollo, small handful mixed nuts/pistachios, 2 HB eggs, 1/2 bottle iced coffee

Workout: strength training

M2: salad w/ arugula and spinach, kalua pork, beets, a little avocado oil and ACV, garlic-dill kraut, cucumber, 1/3 pink lady apple

Pre-WO: a slice capocollo, a bit of chicken w/ pickles (don't judge)

Workout 2: short bike ride and interval run

Post-WO: 1/4 servings sweet potato, apple, chicken

Meal 3: Stir-fry w/ marinated ground beef, zucchini, onions, red peppers, green beans, a few brussels, carrots, coconut aminos, chili-garlic paste, ginger, rice wine vinegar

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DAY 6 (reintro: gluten-free grains)

Meal 1: coffee w/ coconut cream + pork, cabbage, broth from cooking, 1/4 avocado, sweet potato (about 1/3) 

Snack 1: small plum, small black coffee

Meal 2: Leftover stir-fry (see yesterday M3) + half an apple

Snack 2: pecan Larabar, slice of capocollo, a little more coffee w/ coconut cream (too much coffee today, I know! It threw off my hunger signals/energy, I think. Although I am tired from this week ... it's been a long one and I've woken up an hour early a few times and not slept well after that.) 

Snack 3: bone broth w/ ACV

Meal 3: Burger w/ bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce/ketchup, cheddar cheese, gluten-free bun + fries w/ ketchup

NOTES: I think that meal was a lot of new things, maybe a little too much to handle. I don't know what exactly the bun had in it, but my guess is some sort of rice/oat flour. Had some gas/gurgling a few hours after the meal and loose stools today. I definitely don't want gluten-free products to be a normal part of my diet, but an occasional one, absolutely. Not sure if the gas was from the bun or the whole meal or the cabbage even. I didn't feel terrible, actually felt pretty okay, and I can take these symptoms as an occasional tradeoff if the food is really worth it (it was last night! date night! and it was good!). But I want to keep noting what happens when I eat foods like this in the future. Also, I can't get back into the snacking routine--the bars definitely have to be for hiking/emergencies only. I have to keep reminding myself about good food habits and how I feel when I follow them. This is definitely a process--although I think I am showing progress! And restraint! 

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DAY 7 (grains, cont.)

Meal 1: coffee w/ coconut cream + shredded pork, sweet potato, broth from cooking, cabbage, steamed spinach

Workout: Strength training, bike ride

Post-WO: small bottle peach kefir

Snack 1: GT's turmeric kombucha

Meal 2: 3 scrambled eggs, small russet potato sauteed + chard, spinach, and arugula sauteed w/ 2 slices capocollo, chicken fat, and butter (so good!) + ketchup

Meal 3: leftover stir fry

Meal/mini-meal (there wasn't very much stir fry left): A couple bites coconut icecream, 1 taco w/ corn tortilla, chicken and onions w/ spices, salsa

Snack 2: Popcorn w/ butter, square dark chocolate

NOTES: In terms of eating habits, today was kind of all over the place, at least in the evening. In terms of how I felt, just fine. Corn is fine--I don't seem to have any negative reactions. I have no particular attachment to it and like other starches much better, so I'm not planning on making it a regular part of my diet. Occasional popcorn, however, will definitely happen. I need to keep making sure I'm eating 3 full, balanced meals every day so I stay on track.

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DAY 8 (non-gluten grains/wine)

Meal 1: Pork, cabbage, and broth + sweet potato/acorn squash w/ butter + small cup filmjölk w/ coconut flakes, blackberries, and cashews

Snack 1: Coffee w/ coconut cream + a clementine and a few apple slices. Mild acid reflux after this, which is not surprising b/c I had coffee probably too soon after I ate, AND I combined coffee w/ citrus--way too much acidity. 

Meal 2: Homemade chicken soup: bone broth, chicken, potatoes, carrots, leeks, seasoning + digestive enzymes

Snacks: rest of filmjölk w/ a bit of honey and blackberries, 2 rice cakes w/ almond butter and a banana

Meal 3: 2 eggs scrambled + 1 slice bacon + lots of chard sauteed in bacon fat (oh god this was good) + small serving oatmeal w/ 1/2 apple, ghee, cinnamon, bit of honey (so was this!)

With/after dinner: ~3 glasses of wine. And a serving of coconut icecream.


Meal 1: coffee w/ coconut cream + frittata w/ 3 eggs, mushrooms, chard, bacon fat and a bit of coconut cream, a little bacon, leeks (best combo yet, I think) + sweet potato/acorn squash w/ ghee 

Pre-WO: beef/pork stick + small handful macadamia nuts + BD kombucha

Workout: strength training

Post-WO: egg whites, acorn squash/sweet potato, cinnamon, 1/2 apple

Meal 2: rest of pork, cabbage, and broth w/ extra chicken and garlic dill kraut + roasted beets, more acorn squash/sweet potato, green beans, and ghee + small cup coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 3: small handful cashews + salad w/ ham, mixed greens, fried egg, beets, apple, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Snack 1: Bone broth w/ ghee and ACV

NOTES: Didn't have much of a headache today, but could tell I drank too much. I think one glass would've been fine, but I went overboard. Woke up very thirsty w/ woolly throat and fuzzy head and felt like I was starving all day (apparently your hunger signals go into overdrive when you've had too much to drink). Also, I am having a mild breakout along my jawline/neck. And spotting. Not sure whether that's related to the grains or wine or is from stress, although I am guessing it's at least somewhat food related b/c this didn't happen during W30. Either the grains or the prolonged dairy or the wine ... THIS is why you introduce one thing at a time. I didn't have any distinct digestive problems after anything I ate yesterday (no gurgling, upset stomach, no acid reflex, although I didn't feel like I was digesting super well most of the day, probably b/c of the coffee + orange in the a.m. My plan w/ the grains is to have them once in a while, when they are worth it, and also on backpacking trips when I need more calories. Otherwise limit them b/c I know it doesn't work well when I eat a ton of grains and there are so many other more enjoyable starches (like squash and sweet potatos. so good!). Dairy in cheese and yogurt/kefir form, I would like to add in a few times a week. Wine/alchohol rarely, once or twice a month maybe. I don't want it very often. So I'll get the chance to keep retesting all of these basically like a slow-roll intro as I introduce them when I feel like it. The only other thing I really want to test is properly prepared legumes. In the past, I had really bad acid reflux w/ a meal of chickpeas and rice and that has made me wary, and I don't often want beans unless I'm getting Mexican food. Even then, only if they're really good. But I'd like to try lentils, the occasional fermented soy like tempeh (and tamari sauce, which I used occasionally before and doesn't seem to have any ill effects), hummus made from chickpeas, black/refried beans, and maybe chili w/ beans in it, all for variety. My plan is to keep eating in mostly W30ish, w/ the exception of added sugars in small amounts, and add in new things as I feel like it/when I really want them. Also, starting this weekend, I am testing eliminating nightshades for a bit (again) to see if it helps w/ my chronic exercise-induced runny nose. We'll see!

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Almost forgot: Day 9, after-dinner snack: "nice" cream made w/ 1/2 banana frozen berries, coconut cream, almond milk

DAY 10

NOTES: Yesterday I felt like I was hungry all day from being mildly hungover. Today, I just felt like I was starving all day. I biked for about an hour throughout the morning--I've been biking instead of driving to work and errands, and so my legs feel like they are ALWAYS tired and it seems like I feel hungry way sooner/more often than I did when I wasn't biking as much. I feel like my meals are pretty well balanced in terms of fat/protein, so maybe I just need to add in another meal/mini-meal so I'm eating enough. Also wondering whether maybe adding the grains in messed w/ my satiety signals? Although I'm not craving things--ice cream is not appealing, sugary/carby things are not appealing, I just want more food. It feels like legit hunger. I think today was actually a bit low on the protein side, so maybe I can amp that up tomorrow. And I love coffee so much, but I need to not drink it in the afternoons/more than 1 serving/day! I think it makes me more anxious/scattered and then tired instead of making me focus. Quite tired today.

Meal 1: Same as yesterday (frittata and squash) + coffee w/ coconut cream

Snack 1: Black spiced tea + pumpkin spice Larabar + small handful macadamia nuts and pistachios

Meal 2: (restaurant meal) Herbed potato salad + beet salad w/ strawberries, balsamic, and greens + braised short rib w/ carrots and potatos + the best mushrooms of my life, cooked w/ onions/shallots/oil

Mini-meal: 2 eggs and some egg whites scrambled + acorn squash/sweet pot. w/ ghee + 1/4 avocado + small cup coffee w/ almond milk and coconut cream

Snack 2: Bone broth w/ ghee and ACV

Meal 3: Mixed greens, cucumber, quick chicken salad w/ avocado oil mayo, apple, and cashews

Snack 3: peppermint tea

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DAY 11 (small amount of soy, corn)

Meal 1: sweet potato/acorn squash, leftover chicken salad, greens + coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 2: 2 eggs, whole bunch of ham, 1 sauteed potato, 1/2 avocado, greens, ketchup (I can give up nightshades, mostly, but how can I go without without ketchup and/or Cholula? What to do?!)

Snack 1: Some beef jerky (contains tamari sauce)

Meal/mini-meal/pre-WO: spinach w/ ghee, carrots baked w/ olive oil and honey, half portion of short ribs (Nom Nom Paleo Korean short ribs recipe)

WO: 45-minute swim

Post-WO/mini-meal: 1/3 of a large mango + green beans and spinach w/ ghee, another piece of short ribs, more carrots

Snack 2: Small serving popcorn w/ butter, some turnip/parsnip soup from food-prepping, 2 squares dark chocolate, apple-cinnamon tea

NOTES: Felt better today. Less hungry/better able to regulate hunger. Got some extra sleep last night, which definitely helped. And didn't drink too much coffee, which also helped with not feeling stressed/hungry. Gonna try decaf for the rest of the week. Skin has cleared up, so that's good. 

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I haven't been good at updating this over the weekend. Pretty much stuck to Whole30 except for dinners, three meals with rice/soy sauce. Decaf coffee, brown rice sushi w/ soy sauce, and sweet potato chips on Friday--had acid reflux. Was also stressed out when I ate this and ate too fast, that may have contributed. Brown rice w/ chicken wraps and soy-glazed beef at a restaurant birthday dinner on Saturday, tried not to drink while eating and limited my rice portion, felt fine. White rice and chicken w/ gravy plus salad at family dinner on Sunday, felt fine. Was really hungry after a hike that day. Learning that there are a few things that affect my acid reflux: acidity, like tomatoes or too much coffee; amount of liquids with/after meals--drinking too much with or after meals can cause reflex, so usually I've been pretty good about drinking before and limiting liquids during and for 3-45 minutes after eating; and grains/carbs--I know eating whole-grain breads in Europe (barley + wheat I think) gave me acid reflux, and I've had acid reflux after eating rice multiple times. I read a bit about reflux being affected by carbohydrate malabsorption, and that really makes sense to me. It's probably why I did way better when I tried going low FODMAPs and when I do Whole30. And I thinking going low FODMAPs helped my stomach heal, because I haven't had as many problems with reflux since then. I think rice is okay in small portions, but not often, and not when accompanied by liquids. Didn't notice any other ill effects except the reflux one time.

I switched to decaf last week and haven't had caffeine all weekend. I've had a low-level headache that got worse today and it didn't connect until today that the (lack of) caffeine is probably why. It's definitely helping with my anxiety/focus, though. I think I want to try eliminating coffee/caffeine for a few weeks b/c if I'm getting headaches from not consuming it, I've become too dependent. Gonna have to make some good soups and have broth and tea on hand to fill my desires for warm, comforting liquids.

DAY 16

Meal 1: Ham, 2 scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, leftover baked carrots/sweet potato, 1/4 avocado turnip/parsnip soup w/ olive oil

Snack: Coffee w/ coconut cream (regular, ran out of decaf, headache got better but definitely felt jittery afterward)

Meal 2: Kevita kombucha, 2 chicken/fennel sausages, chard and arugula w/ one piece of bacon and bacon fat, small baked potato w/ olive oil

Snack: about 1/2 pink lady apple

Snack/before dinner: handful trail mix, beef bone broth w/ ghee and ACV, handful grapes

Meal 3: sweet potato/acorn squash w/ ghee + turkey/beef meatballs + green beans and 1 zucchini roasted w/ ghee

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Continuing to post meals every day is not working for me right now. But I do want to keep track of how I react when I try things, so here are a few from the past week or so:

Trail mix w/ peanuts--no ill effects that I could tell. Not a real big fan of peanuts, so not planning on having them very often. 

I had fish w/ a soy reduction, no ill effects that I could tell either. Again, not planning on making soy a regular thing, but I've tried it several times in soy/tamari sauce form and I haven't noticed anything, so good to know I don't have to worry about it so much. 

Wine on my birthday--same as last time. Mild headache/fogginess/dry mouth in a.m. White/sparkling wine this time as opposed to red.

I had tacos w/ corn tortillas, some chicken cooked w/ cream cheese, black beans, and corn, refried pinto beans and rice at a family dinner. I've tried both corn and rice and have had popcorn a few times, and the popcorn and tortillas seem fine occasionally. Unground/unpopped corn does not digest. I had the worst gas/bloating EVER about 6 hours after the beans and continuing to the next day, and I'm definitely thinking beans are the culprit. Which makes sense b/c other legumes have definitely caused some digestive distress in the past. That's alright. I am NOT craving beans pretty much ever. Definitely plan for them to be a rare thing as well. 

Oh, and I've had a serving of goat's milk yogurt every day for the past three days, and that has been fine! And quite tasty!

Planning on no regular coffee this week so I can cut caffeine consumption. Maybe try lentil/quinoa pasta. Not planning on introducing anything new--sticking w/ mostly paleo w/ a bit of cheese/yogurt thrown in there. 

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I forgot that I also tried a buckwheat pancake (GF) which was so tasty and seemed to be fine!

This week I tried 2 small glasses of wine with dinner--no effects next day. I think 1-2 glasses is my limit if I want to be a functional human first thing in the morning the next day. 

Continuing to eat goat's milk yogurt, no problems.

Have been incorporating a bit of cheese with no problems.

Went to decaf coffee and tea (green/black) instead of cutting out caffeine all at once--it's been surprisingly okay. No big headaches this week, still staying regular, a bit more tired than usual I think but I feel fine!

The one big thing I tried this week: quinoa/red lentil pasta. And it was okay! Felt fine afterward, it filled me up and has a good chunk of protein, a bit more carbs than I usually eat in one meal, but no problems with digestion as far as I could tell. Tried for 2 days in a row. I had acid reflux during swim practice after eating the pasta on one day, but that's happened before with W30 meals and I think I just need to work on meal timing and probably eat at least 2 hours before swimming. And not drink too much immediately afterwards. VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS. I'm always trying to get enough protein, but I also don't want to eat animal protein at EVERY meal, and this seems like a good option!

Notes on fueling: tried eating a full meal an hour before a 5k/triathlon practice. NO GO. Was not good. Tried eating 1 egg and 1/2 a Larabar before a morning run today--much, much better. 

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Observations: I've continued to eat dairy in the form of cheese/yogurt and I've noticed that my skin is slightly worse. I cut it out after reintroducing the first time and then added it back in, and each time I get blemishes on my face--not cystic acne, but more blemishes than normal. It's not a super big deal, and I'm not 100% certain it's the dairy, but it's something to keep an eye on. 

Had quinoa/green lentil pasta yesterday, no problems so far. I have been noticing that I've been waking up SO hungry, hungrier than usual. It's fine, but I'm not totally sure why it's happening--maybe too many carbs at night or eating too late? I'll test this out too and see what happens.

Switched from regular coffee to green tea/decaf for the past week and it's still going well! I need to work on drinking more water throughout the day. Usually I'm pretty good about this, but I keep forgetting lately, and I think it messes with my hunger cues. 

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