Newbie overwhelmed and confused shopping trip for first!

Shannon KR

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Getting confused and sooo overwhelmed..did a test shopping trip, just to buy tomatoes, some veggies, guacamole, spring mix, tuna/chicken, etc. I almost bought apple cider vinegar, but stopped, because it has sodium nitrates in it or something and I thought that was not allowed. I also thought I couldn't buy sugar snap peas (can we?) ...the sugar in the label package threw me off. The pre-packaged guacamole had sugar it in, and the spring mix salad I bought has on the label "0 grams of sugar", does that mean I can, or cannot eat this salad? All the meat had some sort of sugar or nitrates in it, I thougth i could buy frozen angus beef patties, nope. Sugar. I am now seeing sugar is in everything. I am confused how to not make this shopping trip a 7 store necessity. Should I just go straight to the butcher at the grocer store to get meat? Can I get it packaged, or not? Can I buy food (canned tuna, etc..salad mix) that has on the label "0 grams of sugar"? or not? I am reading the book, but labels are very confusing. Any help to get started would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Be sure you read the ingredients list, not the nutrition information. It is possible for something to say 0 grams of sugar, but list sugar in the ingredients -- that product would not be okay. It is also possible for a product to have a few grams of sugar in the nutrition information, but have no added sugar or other off plan ingredients, and those products would be okay. Ignore the nutrition info numbers, pay attention to the ingredients list.

Nitrates are okay, but you can definitely find apple cider vinegar without them.

Sugar snap peas are okay.

There are some helpful downloads here, check out especially the Sneaky Sugars and the Common Additives Cheat Sheet:

You might also find the Can I Have list helpful:


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Hi Shannon, I with the food. Reading labels is an absolute necessity because, as you said, sugar is in everything. When I started, I went through some paleo/Whole30 recipes, (you have to watch paleo because on that plan you can have honey and dairy), and made up a shopping list. I made the Whole30 mayo and the ketchup. The keys to successful mayo are: using light olive oil, making sure the egg is at room temperature and adding the last cup of oil very, very slowly. I used my food processor and it worked great. The mayo can be used for salad dressing.  

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