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Sunday, October 9, start date


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I am starting my 5th W30 on Sunday.  I just completed a summer meltdown at work, for that I did a W30 in August but as soon as the challenge was over we all relaxed on our eating and a few weeks later we had a retirement and we celebrated that person ALL WEEK!  I enjoyed myself and now I am ready to back on track.  Especially since I have been made the lead Wellness Champion for our department, I feel I have to set a good example.  I can't expect my peers to eat healthy, donate their Halloween candy, take daily walks, and use their sit stands if I am not doing the same...lead by example.

Here I am ready for another round.  I would love to have  buddy join me.  If you are interested in starting your journey...let me know, we can encourage and support each other along the way.

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