Started on monday Nov/19


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Hi folks,

I just wanted to say hello. I started the program on Monday and going well. Bought the book in September and did some trial runs of the program. Proud to say it's going well and not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I think that when the desire for change in one's life becomes so great nothing will stop you just have to believe in yourself and success is inevitable. Not to say it's been perfect but I'm fine tuning and tweaking foods and strategies daily. It's been a mission sourcing compliant foods without breaking the bank, but it's been fun. I wish you all success!

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WIshing you much success as well!

Here's what I do for budgetary reasons

I buy produce from a regular grocery store. Red Meat - lean cuts only if coming from a reg. grocery store. Chicken I buy from a local butcher who uses only grain fed chickens. Sometimes he has free range. If it's just the grain fed, then I still trim all the fat from it prior to cooking. His red meat is the same that you get from the grocery store. I am checking into a CSA but only if the budget allows it.

Random packaged foods - there are hardly any: but for instance if I can find compliant canned tomatoes, olives, proscuito, frozen veggies, nuts etc. I will buy them at a regular grocery store. They are generally cheaper than in any specialty or health food store. Many regular grocery stores now carry coconut oil as well.

Specilty items such as coconut aminos, some vinegars, coconut wraps, coconut butter, ghee, kombucha you will need to go to a specialty store for.

I hope this helps! Happy Whole 30!

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I started Monday as well! I am totally knew to this.....the sugar withdrawl is absolutely excruciating :( energy...shaking and sweating at times...oh yeah it is not pretty!!!! Anyone else had it this bad?

Hey awesome! I haven't really suffered that much much from the sugar withdrawals but my understanding is that your symptoms are typical at this stage. I'm sure that they will pass keep up the good work!

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