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Geisha Coconut Milk? Ok or not?

Mary Lee

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Thank you for your responses.  I can't believe I am actually on day six and I haven't cheated.  I made my own ketchup yesterday, hamburgers on the grill, and roasted potato speers for dinner with leftover coleslaw that seems to multiply daily (will it ever be gone?).  I had a rough time on day four, so getting through to day six is a big deal.  I was surprised to see that everything I was thinking and feeling really was exactly what was written about what to expect on day four.  I even dreamt that I was at a public event where they were passing out whole trays of cinnamon rolls to each person.  The person next to me was tempting me to just grab a finger full of the thick white frosting, "It won't hurt anything; nobody will know."  Oh my goodness.   I did not think I would dream of food.  I am still craving gum, mints and candy.  But I've been making fun drinks with sparkling mineral water and lemon and lime slices.  I like having flavor throughout the day without actually eating anything.  

Thanks again.  Looking forward to day seven!


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