Restart, Reset, Regain control

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I've done the Whole30 4 times in the last 2 years. However this year, it all went down the drain. I want to restart, reset, and regain my confidence and control. A lot of my food distress comes from stress and lack of focus. The only food group that I have been consistent with keeping out is legumes - my body hates them. 

So, I am here... again, looking for advice, for motivation, for hope to get back on track. I had multiple W30 meals today but it was not perfect. I'm soooo looking to feel energized and less bloated. Even if I don't lose all the weight I want to lose, I want to regain the control I had over food. Right now I feel like I have no control... 

Any advice you may have is greatly welcomed and appreciated. :)


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I've gone down this road several times but seem to get derailed. Each time I learn more about myself. I've done away with the focus issue by having 6-10 pre cooked meals in the freezer. Because I often work from up to 16 hours, I always take 2 meals with me to work. You know the what to do, focus on the why.

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