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Easily digested foods?


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First let me say this isn't so much a problem from my whole30 as it is a problem I'm not sure how to best deal with on a whole30. I'm currently day 13 of my first whole30 and everything is going surprisingly well. Yay to no more heartburn and less joint pain!

The problem is,... it's hurricane season. For me this means it's migraine season. I get complicated migraines (nausea/vomiting, slurred speech, numb or tingly arms, etc.) presumably from the pressure changes usually coupled with some hormonal factors like where I am in my cycle or how much stress I'm under. I've managed to skate by most of the season without a major migraine but I fear that's coming to an end since this migraine is starting to show signs of being complicated. For me this can literally last days. 

That said, it's extremely hard to eat during a migraine. I usually just don't but, obviously that's really not a healthy option especially with the whole30. I know I can't do template compliant meals right now. I just can't,,, I had a major problem just keeping down some apple sauce. So my question is,... does anybody have some whole30 ingredient compliant suggestions for easily digested foods? Preferably that don't crunch or require a lot of chewing cause honestly,..ouch right now, just all the ouches. 

I've honestly been debating just grabbing some baby food and seeing how that goes but I'm not sure that's a great idea with the whole30 or not...

Any input would be highly appreciated!

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Blended soups made with bone broth may be hugely helpful to you. It's drinkable, but the bone broth has some protein and there will be veggies. Adding something like coconut milk will bring creaminess and added fat. You can also stir in beaten eggs while a serving of the soup is heating, kind of like egg drop soup from the Chinese restaurant, and those generally don't require a lot of chewing, if any. 

Good on you for trying to figure out how to continue your Whole30 through these complicated migraines. 

I really love Mel Joulwan's zucchini soup and cauliflower soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/


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