Finding Frozen Chicken


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It's going to be really hard to find precooked items that are compliant in most grocery stores. There are usually some things like sausages and hot dogs, check brands like Applegate farms or bilinskis, although both also have non compliant varieties so be sure to read your labels.

You'd really be better off learning to cook a few things. It doesn't have to be complicated. If you have a slow cooker/crockpot, you can find many recipes for roasts or stews, and it's a fairly easy, mostly foolproof way of cooking. 

Is it the actual physical cooking part you have trouble with, or seasoning the meat? 

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Thank you! Well it is definitely the cooking portion. I only have a kitchenette with an confection oven, so I always overcook everything out of fear that it is undercooked. I also am a grad school student, so I have been trying to pre-make meals, but having a few microwave options would really help with my schedule.  

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