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Finished my first Whole 30!


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My first Whole 30 was pretty successful! Although I was pretty excited this morning to have a creamy latte and some cheese. I will probably not be following the reintroduction schedule as outlined, due to the Holidays. I started with dairy today, and will probably have some gluten tomorrow. Planning to stay away from refined sugar and processed foods though.

I started this program because I needed to do SOMETHING to get my body under control. During my first pregnancy, already about 10 lbs overweight, I gained 50 lbs, I lost about 40 of that afterwards and hung on to the last 10. I recently had my second, again I gained 50 lbs and lost about 40. So I was 30 lbs overweight, with 2 kids and a full time job. In my 20's I could exercise about 1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week and keep my weight and body in check, even while keeping poor eating habits. Now in my 30's that wasn't working. I realized that I actually needed to deal with my poor eating habits. My worst habit was late night snacking, usually chips, a quesadilla, or a huge bowl of ice cream. I would eat well during the day (lots of veggies, grass-fed meat and dairy, and healthy fats), but then spend all night snacking. I was pretty stressed and sleeping only about 6 hours a night, and I felt like I was in an endless cycle.

So my results!

- I'm sleeping better, falling asleep when my head hits the pillow and waking refreshed (although my kids still wake me occasionally!)

- My skin is improved, no more permanent dark circles, less splotchy, almost glowing!

- I may have lost about 12 lbs! I don't know for sure because my scale is not working, but...

- My body composition is greatly improved. I feel like I have lost weight in places that I didn't know I could, like my neck, arms, and calves. And I can see muscle tone again, even though I barely have time to do any strength training (about 20 min 3-4 times a week, usually pilates or yoga)!

- My clothes fit great, squeezing into my old size 10 jeans instead of growing out of size 14

- My evening snacking is gone, not even craving it

- I can focus on my family and work, not food

I probably could have benefited from extending the Whole 30 another week or two, but I think i will enjoy the Holidays without restrictions. I do worry that my old habits will start creeping back, so I am already planning on another Whole 30 in January. If that goes well I should be able to reach my health and fitness goals.

The Whole 30 Daily was a great help and very inspiring. Knowing that I had to check in every night was very motivating.

This really does work! Thanks!

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It's difficult to navigate the holidays with W30. Today is day 30 for me. So I am taking a modified break tomorrow...not planning to go crazy but have a bit of mashed potatoes and pie, then do a second W30 on Friday because, this time, my husband wants to join me on the journey. Too scared to go off rails for the entire holiday schedule. But good luck to you.

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Congrats! Well done.

One question - did your kids do the Whole30 with you or did you cook apart for them?

I didn't cook apart from the kids. Our meals consisted of a meat with veggies. My husband and kids still had bread, potatoes, and dairy, but they cut back on the processed food. And we still have been pretty good about keeping the processed food out of the house. Starting Whole 30 #2 in January and going to see if I can get the family to come along this time.

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