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October 9- Day 1

This is my second Whole 30.  I had great solo success with the first approximately 2 years ago and enjoy lasting effects. 

This time around my husband and I are Whole30ing together.   Our timing and motivations are driven by

- designing our new kitchen - one that will better enable an ongoing Whole30 lifestyle- emphasis on easy and visible fresh food Storage, prep and cooking

- preparing to thru hike the PCT in 2018- getting our bodies fit and preparing 5 months worth of nutrient-rich, dehydrated suppers 

- successfully complete Whole30 well in advance of Thanksgiving,  which we will host this year:)

 Day 1 notes:

-Kitchen -shopped for a new refrigerator-  found one!  French Door style that puts fresh food at eye level and easily displays both fresh and frozen goods 

-PCT- pulled out our copy of Chef Glen- intend to that we can further tweak already nutritious trail meals http://www.backpackingchef.com/backpacking-recipes.html

-Thanksgiving- too early for that- stay tuned!

Food prep delights...

- Steamed eggs-  Bring 1-2” water to a boil in a large sauce pan.  Place whole eggs in a large strainer that fits the pot.  Place over boiling water and cover.  Steam 7 minutes for a perfect egg!  And peeling is a cinch!

- pulled out a combo pressure cooker/slow cooker my mother-in-law bought us years ago that got lost in the back of the pantry.  Made 15 minute bone broth in the morning and 15 minute chicken cacciatore for supper.  I think I’ll keep this handy!  Thanks Mom!


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