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I started my first whole 30 October 1st. Two of my sisters have been telling me how great this program is for a long time. Last year I got the book and started to read it and doing online research but I wasn't ready to commit to the program. I knew I had to quit smoking first. I quit in February of this year and I have gained a lot of weight ( I was already overweight so it added to the amount I needed to loose.)  I have been trying to eat better, drink more water and I work out almost everyday, I had my dr check me for any medical problems and nothing so I knew it was time for me to try something new. I don't normally blog or go on websites and introduce myself so this is also new for me. So far I am on Day 10-  I feel really good and haven't had to many cravings. I have had couple of dreams that I ate something or drank something sweet and felt bad but once I woke up I laughed about it. I can't wait to see how I feel in the next few weeks.

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